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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by Oryo, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. OryoNew MemberMember

    I have a FOWLR 36 gallon corner bow front tank with 1 Fiji Damsel, 1 Yellow Tang & 1 Royal Dottyback already in the tank. I want to add 3-4 more fishes eventually as time goes by and maybe try making this a Reef tank in the future.

    I'm thinking in time adding one of each:

    Clownfish (not sure which one?)
    Blue Tang
    Either Flame Angel or Pygmy Angel
    Firefish Goby (maybe?)

    The Damsel will still chase the Dottyback every so often and I know Damsels are aggressive and wondering if I would have problems with any of the fish above?

    What Clownfish would you recommend?

    I am willing to trade in my Fiji Damsel even though it's my wife's FAVORITE fish to try to make things work with the other fishes I would like to add.

    Last question is this too many fishes for the tank I have?

    What would you suggest I can do to add the fishes without them getting torn apart by the Damsel? Funny thing is the Damsel and Tang are always together like if they are thugs looking for trouble.
  2. fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    I like maroon clowns but 1 I would recommend 2 you could have issues. The yellow tang likes a minimum of 55 gallons but if you buy a small one it may work.

  3. OryoNew MemberMember

    The Yellow Tang in the tank now is small and not much bigger then the Fiji Damsel.

    I like the Maroon Clownfish and I hear they are the most aggressive of all Clownfish? I figured he'd be able to defend for himself unlike the other types of Clownfish.

    I know since the tank is 36 gallons and odd shaped I have all the rocks in the middle back of tank and plenty of hiding places in the rocks with the front wide open so the swimmers can do laps back and forth.
  4. MikeFishloreAdmin Moderator Member

    Yeah tangs need much bigger tanks. Keeping them in smaller tanks will shorten their lifespan and not give them much of a life since they are active swimmers. Long tanks being better than short tanks for tangs to swim.

    Here are some ideas for smaller fish: small saltwater fish tank species

    Maroon clownfish are some of the meaner clownfish in my experience too.
  5. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    I agree with fishaddiction & Mike. Be prepared to rehome the tang is it grows, the yellow tang can reach 7-8", and is an active swimmer. They need lots of swim space, and whilst many suggest a 55G (4'), more will suggest a 75+ as a minimum.

    Your tank is too small for a Blue Tang - plus, in a smaller tank like yours, it is definitely not advisable to have two tangs (surgeonfish).

    While you have a tang in the tank, I'd be reluctant to add any more fish. Possibly 1 clown, but the others you listed may get harassed by the tang, the damsel, or both. Sorry....
  6. OryoNew MemberMember

    I figure before I go out and get more fish I will ask here 1st for suggestions. Since it's been 7-8 years since I had a tank I forgot what fish got along and which ones would tear each other apart. My last tank was 60 gallons and I believe 4' long and the fish thrived in it because of the room and plenty of hiding places. With this tank its like this tank was cut in 1/2 compared to my last tank.

    I will really consider a clownfish to add in the tank and see what happens? I never thought the yellow tang can be aggressive because in my last tank I had no problems with the one I had but now I see why I didn't have that problem.

    Would a maroon clownfish since its semi aggressive ok to add? What clownfish would you recommend?

    Thank you for your input..Ory
  7. MikeFishloreAdmin Moderator Member

    I'd get some tank raised ocellaris or percula clownfish.. Or tank raised cardinal fish.
  8. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    +1 to Mike's suggestion.
  9. OryoNew MemberMember

    Few weeks ago we purchased a Flame Angel and before the fish was put in tank I moved everything around in tank to prevent territories. I also shut lights off for the rest of the day and on through the night so I can put flame angel in. Well, in morning after I saw flame angel hiding with lights still off and I noticed the yellow tang was following the flame angel everywhere. Eleven hours after I put flame angel in the tank I found the fish dead with yellow tang going to town slashing away at the flame angel even after it was dead.

    I packed the yellow tang and sent him to prison (LFS) where he is serving his time and the owners were nice enough to give me full credit on the yellow tang. I guess they felt sorry for me because we never got to see flame angel alive with lights on!

    Yesterday I sent my Fiji damsel to LFS for credit because now that the yellow tang has been gone for a week the damsel is the new king of tank and being a bully with whatever fish I have. In damsels replacement I ended up with bicolor blenny which my daughter looooooooooooves!

    It's sad that all this happened but now I know I need to do more research in fish that I get so this will never happen again.

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