Need Help With Female Swordtail Please

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Amynnas, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    Ok guys, I think it may be worms but i want to see if i can get confirmation before treating her. I've had her since December and it seems like once a week she get this long stringy poop. She eats well and is very active, is growing and gaining weight. Water parameters today were :AM .25 NO2 .50 NO3 10 TEMP 79 and PH 8.0. I did a 30 percent water change on it this morning when I got home. I feed a mix of tetrafin tropical flakes, bug bites and bettafin. I also once a week feed fresh veggies, this week was a piece of broccoli. The tank is still cycling with biomedia from another tank so I keep a close eye on the water parameters to make sure none of them get too high. I have included two pictues and you can see the string hanging from her . Hard to get her to sit still long enough to get a good pic.

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  2. Max077 Valued Member Member

    The pictures aren't showing up....

  3. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    Uploaded pictures and took old ones out , so go to original post for pictures

  4. Max077 Valued Member Member

    Try just uploading files, not full size. It's not that they're not clear, it's that there is just a blue question mark.
  5. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    I just uploaded them and took the old ones out
  6. Max077 Valued Member Member

    The pics are showing now, thanks:)
    Is the poop white?
  7. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    Yes it is white most of the time, today was a little greyer but I would still say white for the most part and it stays attached for days. She doesn't poop it out in a day. That one attached to her now has been there for two days.
  8. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    Is there noone out there that can possibly see whats going on with her? I took all the males out to reduce her stress so its just her and five females now.
  9. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    You really shouldn't be keeping fish in an uncycled tank.
    Second off, the pictures are blurry.
    Good to take the males out.
    Are you using prime or something to detoxify the amm/nitrite? Those can cause symptoms where there is no paracite
  10. Amynnas Valued Member Member

    I know its not ideal but I had a 20 gallon that was overstocked so I had to move these guys to this one to cut down aggression problems. I made some mistakes when I first started out in december and i was trying to correct them. I do regular water changes and I need to go get some prime on my next check. I had a hard time getting a picture cause she is very active. I'll try the prime first before I medicate for worms. Shes had this problem since I got her and shes the only one showing symptoms like this. All the other females are fine. And she eats really good so maybe its just stress from the uncycled tank.
  11. aquagoddess61 New Member Member

    an epsom salt bath will help as a laxative, separate from other fish, but you will also need some parasite tabs that treat for worms in main tank which that is what it sounds like..
    a water change, aquarium salt added, follow directions for how much, think it's a tablespoon for every 5 gallons. 1/ 8 teaspoon for every 5 gallons of epsom salt which can stay until next water change. Also lower the ph, it's way too high, it should be 7-7.2 ... ph down works, follow directions on bottle, temp is a little high as well.
  12. aquagoddess61 New Member Member