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Discussion in 'Water Changes' started by SSJ, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. SSJ

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Dear All, I have a 45 gallon tank, due to lack of experience I lost some fish reecently. Hence I use Mineral water (Bisleri/Aquafina) etc to change 30% water every few days. my ammonia levels are under control at the moment and the fish seems good as well. My question is, whether I can use my normal tap water (which is high on the hardness front) by using Prime, dechlorinator? Can i add the water directly to the tank, then add these chemicals? or should i keep the water in a bucket, puth prime and dechlorinator in it, leave it for an hour then pour it in the tank??

    using mineral water is getting expensive and cumbersome as it comes in small packets.

    Thanks in advance
  2. j

    jaymethy Valued Member Member

    I personally add my very hard tap water straight into my aquarium after adding enough dechlorinator for the whole tank. So I dose the dechlorinator for 10 gallons even though I am only changing 2.5 gallons worth of water. I've had no issues doing that. Other people will say otherwise.

    But the water hardness might be an issue depending on what fish you have.
  3. mattgirl

    mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I can see no reason you can't use your tap water unless you have fish that require softer water. I would do small water changes to begin with though so your fish can get used to it slowly. Maybe no more than 5 or 10% at a time.

    Prime is a dechlorinator so there is no need to add both it and another product. If I were you I would add the Prime directly to the bucket you are using to fill the tank. There is no need to let it set for any length of time since the prime instantly makes the water safe. I personally think it is best to treat the water before adding it to the tank.

  4. j

    jack22 Valued Member Member

    You can ask your local fish shop about your tap water and fish. For water changes, I always put the new water into a bucket and add conditioner first (even when the conditioner says instant), then add it to the fish tank. This also allows me to bring the bucket of water to the correct temp. prior to adding into the tank.
  5. GuppyDazzle

    GuppyDazzle Valued Member Member

    I've used Prime for a long time and never had any problems with it. Just be careful because it's more concentrated than most water conditioners.

    When I started my fish room, I used the bucket brigade to siphon out water and to add replacement tap water back in. I treated for the volume in the bucket, and it worked fine. As I found the need for a more efficient method, I'd use the buckets to siphon out water, but filled them back up with a hose. Then I'd add Prime based on the water volume of the tank. I never had a problem.

    I'm curious what your tap water readings are. Also, when you say your ammonia levels are under control, I'm not sure what that means. If the tank is cycled, the only reading that could mean under control is zero.
  6. Galathiel

    Galathiel Well Known Member Member

    I use a python water changer to change out the water. I refill with tap water using the python. I add my Prime (I double dose) directly into the tank first, then add the tap water in.
  7. TLeTourneau

    TLeTourneau Valued Member Member

    I used a Python and added tap water directly dosing with Prime first and never had any issues. I did turn my filters off during the water change process to help ensure that BB wasn't accidentally killed with chlorinated water. I no longer worry about it as I use RO water exclusively now.
  8. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    I have guppies and tetra neons

    i have guppies and tetra neons, thanks for your reply

    its not 100% cycled yet. Im doing partial water changes to keep the ammonia level was 0.25ish last time i checked
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  9. GuppyDazzle

    GuppyDazzle Valued Member Member

    I'm curious. Why do you double dose?
  10. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your reply and time guys, I did a good thing by joining this forum. lot of good and helpful people here. thanks again
  11. Galathiel

    Galathiel Well Known Member Member

    I double dose because I'm not adding pre-treated water to the tank. The water coming in is straight from the tap so I'm compensating for that influx with a double dose of Prime.
  12. GrayGray4231

    GrayGray4231 Well Known Member Member

    I have always used tap water and treated it with this

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  13. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Did something really stupid.. changed the water and added PRIME, forgot to add de chlorinator... 5 of my neon tetras died, these were fresh stock, had added them to the tank yesterday...I feel very guilty for what i did to those poor fish :(
  14. Jabberwock

    Jabberwock Valued Member Member

    Live and learn. Don't beat yourself up too bad. We have all made mistakes.
  15. TexasGuppy

    TexasGuppy Well Known Member Member

    Prime is a dechlorinator. You should put a 1/2 capful of prime in the tank, then add the tap water.

    However, you said you've been using mineral water... which probably has no TDS at all... I'm guessing your Ph was really low. If your Kh is below 1 or 2, you likely had wild swings in Ph... adding tap water probably rapidly raised it a bunch...
    They probably died from the shock of the Ph swing.
  16. Ms rose

    Ms rose Well Known Member Member

    Prime is a declorinate as well as a amo blocker
  17. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    I believe its not as strong as i suspected... also my filter stopped working, had to clean the filter media, which added to the problem as the bacteria was washed off..i did add liquid bacteria seperately
  18. Ms rose

    Ms rose Well Known Member Member

    Oh that's a bummer. It's so hard first starting out, but with time and patience it will all work out. Stay asking questions, you will get threw.
  19. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Thanks Buddy..slowly i am getting a hold of it...i think my filter isn't optimal..let me post a seperate thread on it
  20. Ms rose

    Ms rose Well Known Member Member

    Defiantly do that, c you over there lol

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