Need Help/Suggestions for Stocking a 55G+ Aquarium

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by csutter1, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. csutter1Valued MemberMember


    I'm a new hobbyist and just joined the world of Fishlore! I have been wanting to start my own aquarium for quite some time now, but have resisted the urge due to my inexperience and lack of knowledge.
    I've finally taken the time to do a substantial amount of research however, and feel ready to start planning out my full first set-up. I've read all of the Welcome/Beginner sticky's on this forum and would now like some advice regarding what fish I should use to stock my aquarium.

    I haven't purchased any equipment yet, as I'm the type of person who would rather be fully prepared and knowledgeable, as opposed to jumping into things blindly.

    My hope is to purchase a 55-75 gallon tank with stand. I like the look of bow-front aquariums, but am open to any type. I'm not sure if the shape of the tank matters for specific fish, but I wanted to make sure I threw that bit of info in just in case.

    After reading lots, I've found that before I make a decision on the type of filtration system I'll need, or pretty much any and all of the accessories for the tank, I need to know what type of fish I will be housing in the tank. So this is where any and all help/recommendations from you guys come in!
    I am looking at freshwater only fish and I REALLY, REALLY want to have fish that look very exotic. I love color, so if you can help me create a set-up that has quite a lot of color in it as well, that'd be great! Seeing as I'm a newbie, hardier fish, or fish that are easy/medium to keep would be prefered. I also would love to see a nice variation in fish size throughout the tank.
    My goal is to have a full stocking plan created before I start to purchase my needed equipment.

    Any and all help you can offer will be GREATLY appreciated! I'm excited to kick off this hobby and look forward to your replies.
  2. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    Hello :) Welcome to FishLore! You'll find loads of great advice here.

    If you have a look through the fish profiles here on fishlore you can have a look at many different types of fish, see what you like and ask away!

    Are you thinking of a planted tank or fake plants? ...or no plants at all?!

    Have a look at Angelfish, Gouramis (Dwarfs and kissing too), Tetras (there are so many different types, the larger ones work great with angels as do hatchetfish. Congo, Widow, Cardinal, Phantom, Rosy), Rainbow fish, Livebearers (Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Swordtails), Corydoras (bottom feeders, super cute!), Rasboras, Barbs, Danios (Celestial pearl danio/galaxy rasbora in particular is colourful), killifish and there is a whole world of cichlids out there too ... The list is endless, have a good browse and get some ideas!xx
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  3. csutter1Valued MemberMember

    Thank you! I'm thinking fake plants for the aquarium--at least for now. Though I may very well want to add live plants later on down the road once I get the tank established and I begin to get the hang of things.
    I did take a peek at the fish profiles yesterday and my eyes flew straight to the cichlids.... However, I hear cichlids can be a bit challenging? I would ideally LOVE to do a cichlid tank but being as I'm a newbie I wasn't sure they would be recommended for someone such as myself.
  4. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    There are some very easy to keep live plants (anacharis being one) and they do help with water quality, if you can I'd get a couple of these easy ones, with weights just to help eat the nitrates that will be produced and bring you into the world of planted aquariums :)

    I am not a newbie but cichlids (to me personally) seem to be the next step. If you do enough research on them, I'm sure they will be fine. I have no experience with cichlids so can't really say. You could post a thread in the cichlid section of the forum asking something like "suitable beginner cichlids?" and explain that you are a newbie and would love cichlids and see what the cichlid pros have to say! EDIT: just found your thread!

    I too would love a cichlid tank but, something about it seems very daunting, I don't know what exactly but I kind of daren't take the step. I'll be following your thread there if you do decide to make one!

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I do hope you can find some nice beginner cichlids, surely there has to be some! In fact I think @Micaela13 has a cichlid tank (sorry if I'm wrong but I seem to remember you having a tank and it being beauts!), she may have the answers for you or at least know where you can find them. Good luck!x
  5. csutter1Valued MemberMember


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