Need Help Removing Algae!!

  1. circulita17

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    Well hello my fellow FishLore Peeps! I hope everyone is doing mighty fine. I am having quit a bit of a problem with my fish tank. The tank currently houses 7 fishes and the tank has been cycled for almost 5 years. The readings are and have been 0 ammonia, 0 nitrItes, and the nitrAtes are about 80 the reason being is because my tap water contains high nitrAtes. I use to have plants I took them out. That didn't help with the high nitrAtes! I am planing on re-planting the aquarium some time soon. I feed every other day. The problem I am having is that it seems that I still get diatoms! it's this brown algae! It look disgusting. What can I do to remove this algae? Can I use the algae removers from Petsmart? Will turning of the lights for days work? talking about lights my fishes get about 10-12 hours of light a day. Thanks for taking the time to help me :;rocker :;hf
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    I wouldn't recommend adding chemical algae removing products as they don't always worked are at best a temporary solution because they don't address underlying causes. I would definitely scale back the lighting to no more than 8 hours maximum. The nitrates are also at a concerning level. How high are the nitrates straight out of your tap?
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    Thank you for taking the time to help me! :D I was curious as to trying the products cause the algae looks horrible in the aquarium, and when it's a constant problem you just want to try anything to resolve it. When I had plants in the tank I didn't know that tap water here in Odessa contained 60 ppm of nitrAtes. I guess the plants were consuming the nitrAtes, because when it was time to check parameter in the aquarium the nitrAtes stayed around 20 to 30 PPM. I am thinking of re-planting the tank as soon as a resolve this algae problem. The reason being is because I removed the plants due to the algae. The algae started covering the plants and some were dying and I kept having to cut them back and now boom a bigger algae bloom. SMH. I never knew how stubborn algae can be. I will definitely cut back on the light to see if that helps. Thanks for you advice.
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    I am having a brown algae problem as well but they are saying that you should increase the lighting and so more frequent water changes. Perhaps having you tank setup for such a long time you have increased the amount of time that you do you water changes? Just making sure. I am in the same boat as you. I was doing every other week - ever 1.5 weeks but now I will start doing every week water changes 25% -30%.

    Something must have changed that you are getting this issues now after 5 years. I am at about 4 months with my tank.