need help rating my leds

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    Hi i currently have two leds fixtures my 75 gallon freshwater tank and i have no clue what kind of output they hve here are the links


    I cant find the link for the second one but heres the kind of bulb i put in it.


    I just need some info on where like how many Ks and what kind of plants i could put in
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    First link info-------------------------

    Per the marineland website. I would say no. If you were to experiment. I would start with low light plants and even then only if they are at bargain price so you don't waste a lot of money if it doesn't work.


    Q: does this light promote live plant growth Interested in buying one but do not want to kill my plants.
    i have large brazillian swords in my tank have had them for years now dont want to kill them
    Aquarium Type: Freshwater
    Aquarium Size: Mid-Size (20-60g)

    You will need the light listed below......The single bright and double bright led will not provide enough light for your application. Link-  

    You should reference our charts for the appropriate PAR/LUX values on our website. I wouldn't recommend the Single Bright LED for plants, really should be the Reef Capable version. The Double Bright LED's can be used for some plants with lower light requirements.

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend the light in A1 (i haven't looked anything up and never used), but you can see from the led specs listed, there is a significant difference between leds used.

    Marineland Single Bright
    .06W LED

    Marineland Aquatic Plant Lighting System
    1 watt and 3 watt LEDs

    End First link info-------------------------
    Second link info--------------------------

    I think this would still put you in the low light category. Appears the included daylight bulb is 6500k and ~3w for the entire bulb. This can be compared to a single LED in the Aquatic fixture above having multiple 3W LED's.

    Daylight White Graph-

    If your fixture supports 3 bulbs, IMO, I would get another 6500k daylight and the Colormax for a total of 2x 6500k and 1x Colormax (White and Red leds)


    Are these fixtures doubled (2x 48") or one on either side (2x 24")?

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