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    I am new at this and need some help. Added fish when I should not have but they are doing fine. I have a 37 gallon. Fluvall 70. 7 Amazon swords two are full grown and the rest and small and growing. I have a dwarf gourami, Molly, cori, pleco and 4 tetras. Not sure ify tank is still cycling or getting too much sunlight. Getting mixed answers whenever I research. pH is about 8.2 and need some driftwood. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are all steady at almost 0 with every test. Have the API chemical test. Have not done a water change in a week. My problem is the tank is always green and cloudy. Not sure if it is still cycling or too much sunlight. It does not get direct sunlight but gets a lot of indirect sunlight in the evening hours. Only been about 3-4 weeks. But I have yet to see any spikes in ammonia, nitrites, nitrates. I only added plants recently to try and combat the algae. The plants are doing great and the fish do not seem stressed. I reduced water changes but still no spikes. Do I need a UV filter or more patience?

    Oh and when should I vacuum? I read not to do it when it's cycling so I have not been.
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    You should get at least 3 cories, they get lonely. Also tetras like to be in schools of 5 or more. Do a water change to get rid of the green stuff. The rest looks good!