Need help! Peacock not eating

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    Parker Corso New Member Member

    I currently have a 40 gallon heavily planted aquarium. It's basically meant for chiclids. I recently bought a new, small peacock chiclid. He swims and seems healthy. Well today is my 2nd day with this fish and he refuses to eat the food he swallows it and spits it up, almost like he is mocking me -_- all the other fish are eating the food with a smile on their face, I thought he may be getting picked on so I watched to see what happened, but he never did get picked on to my suprise. He came with one other peacock chiclid I got yesterday from petco. The water is fine i just tested and the water is as clear as can be. I currently feed my fish Tropical Flakes by aqueon for natural colors, I have been feeding this to my fish over a year and no one has just plan out rejected it. Any advice helps, hopefully it's the food not the fish, thanks ! :)
  2. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    My fish sometimes do this too, usually they are not used to it yet.