Need Help On The Gender Of My Flowerhorn

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by core2zero, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Hello! So i got this guy about a week ago on a local petshop. It was pale and it almost does not have any visible kok. I started taking care of it for awhile. Colors were a lot better and kok is pretty much visible. Then earlier this morning I saw a tube growing (or atleast what my eyes are telling me). Which in my knowledge, indicates that it is a FEMALE. So my questions are, is it a male or a female? Because as far as I've read, only males would have grown kok that fast considering the time that I've got him. And lastly, is it considered a female if the tube is visible? Oh and BTW it is only 1.5 inches. Which I think is pretty young for the tube to show up. I'm new in flowerhorn hobby. I've done my research before purchasing one. But this is beyond my knowledge. So I hope you guys can help me on this matter. Thank you so much in advance!
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    There is something you can try that seems to be proving to be quite accurate in sexing the flowerhorns. Forewarning, it is a bit hands-on. I'll add the link and quote the technique:

    "hold the fish with your fingers so the belly part is facing away from your palm (meaning, the dorsal fin of the fish faces your palm). position your thumb on the belly of the fish near the vent and at the level of the plums. gently press the belly going to the direction of the vent. pressure should start from the area of the plums going to the ventral portion of the fish. if its a male, you will notice a squirt of clear liquid coming out of the vent. i would seem like a watergun squirt coming from the belly of the fish. females dont exhibit this phenomenon. there would be some fluid discharge but the flow would not be strong."

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
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    I would love to do this in the future! But right now, I don't have the guts to do so because I might do some harm on my fish. But still thank you so much for information!!:):):)
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    fascinating specimen. 1.5 inches! it looks bigger than that. but from all characteristics shown you dont have to man-handle the fish like that. the fins are so sharp and pointy they're practically streamers; this is a pronounced male trait, unless its a longfin mutant. the other trait is that it has a prominent nuchal hump at such a small size.

    however, i could be wrong, flowerhorns are the products of lab experiments. asian fish husbandry focuses on unique or freakish hybridization coupled with hormones to create demands in the hobby, so you get weird stuff and hermaphrodites pop up somewhat frequently. but because it is so young and already looking like an adult suggest its parentage was highly focus on "kok" size apparently.

    if we get a picture of the vent it can further help ID the gender.
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    Thanks mate! I will try to get a snap on its vents. That guy just won't stop moving around! That would be great news if it was a male! Well even if it is indeed a female, I still love it. I just wanna know as early as possible for future plans :)