Need help on best Canister Filter.

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    Hope to get some recommendations on a Canister Filter for a 125 Gallon tank that I will be setting up come Spring. Don't know anything about them.

  2. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    I have a fluval that I've been really happy with. The Aqua Clears seem to be most recommended on here.
  3. dvc_r

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    I have a Rena that works great. IMO, I like to get the next size up because the filters always seem to pump less as they get older. If it circulates the water too much you can always change the outlet. I have the Rena XP3 which is rated for 175 gals but I have a 75 gal tank. I drilled a few more holes in the spray bar to adjust the water flow.

    Two important things to look for when buying a canister filter is a shut-off and disconnect lever for easy cleaning and it HAS to be self priming! When I loose my prime I have to manually pour water into a funnel connected to the top of the intake tube and it can be a huge mess! (the one disadvantage of the rena). Some of the other canister filters have a priming lever which would prevent this.
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    I like my rena xp3 as well. I think an xp4 would do the job.
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    that was a great vid!

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    I have a Fluval canister filter and I love it. Besides the fact that my bio bacteria seems to do a great job, the filter is so silent I often find myself touching it to make sure it's still running.:giggle: It's ridiculius, I know but I can't hear it at all sometimes and I panick thinking it stopped. :;rl
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    dvc_r ... you're welcome! :)