Need Help Iding Stray Tetra


My LFS put this tetra in the bag with my neon tetra...
any idea what kind of tetra it is? Will it get along with the neons?


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Agree, looks like a black neon to me as well. It’ll need its own school as it isn’t the same species as a neon. If you don’t have room for another separate school personally I’d trading it in.


Thank you! Do you think the neon tetra are scared of the black neon? The other neon are schooling and hiding in the corner while the black neon is swimming around


I doubt they’d be scared of it, they are probably just getting used to the new environment currently.


When they school they will follow each other. So if they are led to a corner they will all follow, scared or not. Could have been food they saw or they just liked the lighting. Once you have schools of 5 or more for each species, and some time has passed, they should all start moving around freely.


The Neon Tetras could be afraid of the Black Neon Tetra especially if it is larger or more assertive than them and as you are the observer you are best to judge.

If you have any doubts I would suggest removing the Black Neon Tetra.

I keep my Neon Tetras without other schooling fish as I feel they do better. I have Bristlenose Catfish with them and they seem not to be scared of these fish which occupy the bottom.

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