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Need help identifying sex of sunset platy

  1. lfabb

    lfabb Valued Member Member

    I've got a 20 gal high community tank that I added 3 platies to today. I do not want to breed the fish. I can tell I've got 1 adult female and 1 adult male. I'm having problems identifying what the third one is. I'm planning on exchanging either the male or female so they are all 3 the same sex once I figure out what the baby is. Can anyone help me? Hopefully you can click on the pic for larger viewing.

  2. Charles556

    Charles556 Valued Member Member

    If it were an adult, the platy would be a female. Your third fish looks like a juvenile platy. It's hard to confirm the sex when they're that young. I actually have a platy that I bought when it was only an inch and a quarter long that turned out to actually be a male. The anal fin, although wide when the fish was young, gradually changed into a gonopodium.
  3. LJC6780

    LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    Your females will likely already be storing sperm (and can for months with no males around) from mating at the pet store. If you don't want to breed at all I would get all males.