Need Help Identifying Red Sores


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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for help identifying what type of sore this is and what I should do about it. Pictures are attached below. It looks like an open red sore with one small white dot at the top. Not sure if it's some type of worm popping out or an extrernal parasite. I think this fish might also have some sort of bacterial thing going on judging by how the tail fin is kinda beat up.

Little history on the tank:
Tanks about 16 months old. 45 Gallon. Recently had 3 panda corys, 2 gouramis, and 1 tetra die. Last night I saw that the tetra had a big long white worm looking thing coming out of it's butt. Gross....
The GouramI had a similar, thin, whiteish-clear string coming out as well with no bad external symptoms. He looked fine on the outside.

All the water parameters are fine for my tank requirements. I started RO water 2.5 weeks ago and use Equilibrium to balance out the GH+KH. pH in the tank now is 7.5.

I'm just wondering the best way to treat for worms/parasites. I've tried all sorts of meds and also natural ways e.i. salt, heat. Next step is for me to get a hospital tank and see what I can do in that because I hate treating sickness in my main display tank.





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