need help identifying Fish plz


I'm new to tropical fish.
I need help identifying the Specie, and Family of this fish I think its some sort of SHark. I think the name of it was like Maccroo or macrooo something that starts with a M.
Here is a pic of it.
It has a Black stripe going down the Fish, and the tail is kind of a redish orange black color. they are about 3 4 inches long, and the pet dude said they get to pretty large fish.

Plz Send any help you can to


HI ,I have some information for you about your fish, but I am not going to email it to you because FishLore is about sharing information .
Your fish is a Maroon Shark its Family is Cyprinidae and its Specices is Leptobarbus HoevenI .
Juveniles have a black band running from the head to the tail which fades with age .Pelvic and analfins carry red, and the red caudal fin has black tips.The dorsal fin is relatively uncoloured.They are a peaceful omnivorou that likes to live in the middle to lower levels of your tank , and can grow to 20" .

cichlid seeker

could be a black glow light tetera.


could be a black glow light tetera.
Not very likely as it has no adipose fin, all tetras have adipose fins. I think that Boff is correct, googled the fish and can see that they look very much alike except for the red fins.


I just went through the same thing with that fish it is an orange tail shark from the barb family. mine started that size and in 6 months it is 10 inches and growing here is a pic to make sure it is the right one
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Yeah I have not been on here in a few months but My Fish are doing gReat!!! I have 3 tanks set up
My Black tiger oscar is getting big
my 3 Maroon sharks are getting big to, they are getting more distinctive features on them, the black strip is fading.
my 4 bala sharks seem to be growing Slow is this normal? but when I got them Wal mart sold them Very very premachure.
and My Pacosamis Is getting big he has Changed his colors to blend in with the Rocks n gravel He looks super nice. He has grown super fast cuz he has had lots TO eat I got him when he was smaller then 1 inch long. ill take a pic of of the fish and upload them on here.
ive been feeding my oscar gold fish n what not but one of them didnt get eatin and he is getting quite big in this tank I think he starting to cloud up the tank tho so ima throw him in the out door pond.

In my bathroom tank lol that's right I said it Bathroom Tank. its 10 gal. but we got a Pretty Big full grown BLue Grom in their, and a Fat fat Albino Corydore full grown I'm guessing its so fat it sits on its belly and his fins don't touch the ground lol. very pretty now that its grown. and 2 Black skirt tetra, with about 30 Baby snails. and 1 big about the size of a Tennisball SNail I call him Big Momma. lets just say its a very clean tank.

and my African child tank I'm selling the 8 lake Milawka or what ever the lake is called cuz I don't have Enuff Hiding spots for them, and I want to start a super Nice Tetra, barb community style tank.

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