Need Help Identifying Baby Betta

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    Wateryoudoing New Member Member

    IMG_20170805_060813_832.jpg y IMG_20170805_060813_832.jpg IMG_20170805_060837_683.jpg IMG_20170805_060859_113.jpg My roommate and I decided to get a betta fish, without much research unfortunately. I've had a betta in the past, he lived about 3 or 4 years but it was when I was much younger. Of course, we were lured in by the baby bettas at petco so we can "watch it grow." I've come to realize this was a bad mistake. I think the fish may actually be a full grown female? But I could be wrong. I was hoping some lovely people on here could help me identify whether it appears to be male or female. The pictures aren't too good (he/she isn't very photogenic). He/she also is not in a tank yet because we are letting the new tank run for 24 hours.
  2. Planted Aquatics

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    That isn't full grown yet, but it looks to be a veiltail. It looks like a male as well. What size tank do you have?
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    Wateryoudoing New Member Member

    I figured it was a veiltail, but from some pictures online it looked like it could be female. Right now we have a 3 gallon tank with a few hiding spots. We'll probably keep him in that until he is full grown.