Need help ID and sex adopted Badis


Hi there,

Need some help to ID and sex an adopted Badis some weeks ago. It was so thin I thought it was not gonna make it, but after some weeks of live food it looks quite healthy now.


I'm 99% it is a black tiger or sp. Myanmar species, but just to confirm. About the sex, the rounded body and pale colour says to me it is a female, but the little black on the beginning of the dorsal and the iridiscent of the ventral fins says it is a male... What do you think?

Btw, it is an amazing fish, always slowly cruising trying to ambush any micro organism. He is with CPDs, pigmy corys, otos and neos in a 16g long (80x30x25 cm).



Importers are notorious for not sending females of Dario species (such as this one) to stores, so from a purely numerical perspective this is most likely a male that has not colored up very much yet. If a few more months have gone by and it still has not colored up...please get a male and try to spawn this fish! :D It's my favorite Dario personally, at least cosmetically (I have yet to keep any member of this genus).

On a side note, Dario sp. "Black Tiger"/"Myanmar" was scientifically described recently as Dario tigris. See here; Dario tigris - the "Black Tiger" was scientifically described - Aquarium Glaser GmbH

Both sexes of D. tigris have a distinctive spotting pattern on the neck which I am seeing in this specimen, so yours could very well belong to this species. Again, though, I am not an expert on the genus, so I would await second opinions before you come to a solid conclusion.


Thanks Joshaeus!
I'm asking cause I finally found an Online store in Spain that have D. Tirgis stock (first time ever for me). So the idea was trying to order the couple for this one, whatever is female or male. .


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