Need Help Growing Male To Female

  1. J

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    So I currently have a 5inch female pink jack Dempsey. I adopted her. And I've been looking for a normal male her size but impossible to find. So I bought a 2inch male< I hope> from what I can tell. And im trying to grow him out to her size. I know he won't catch up but at what size can he breed? I noticed my female trying to but my male is in a different tank. And im afraid to out the male in being too small. When can he be safely put in with the female? I don't want him to get hurt?
  2. Demeter

    Demeter Well Known Member Member

    How large is the tank each of them are in? I would personally wait till the male grows another inch or two before attempting to put them together. You can assume that the male will become sexually mature at around 5" if that is when the female started to show interest in spawning.

    That being said, if you have a larger tank (75gal+) then it will make adding him all the more easier. If the female decides to go after him when added, he can hopefully find a hiding place in a larger tank. Keeping a pair in a smaller tank will not go too well IMO.
  3. OP

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    I have multiple tanks. Mine oscars and Raphael cat is in a 120. My jack is in a 75 gallon with a couple mubuna and Victorians. My convicts pair are in a 55 gallon with the male 2inch jack and a couple small africans. All the fish in the 55 are 2 inches. So 4 fish 2inch in the 55. 1female 5inch jack and 3 Africans about the same size in the 75. My big Oscar and big cat fish in the 120.. The male jack is going into the 75 with the female when he's big enough and I have a 200gallon acrylic ready for all the Africans when I get more. I'm just growing them out in different tanks depending on their size. So their ready for the 220 when it's done cycled. It's almost ready All water parameters are good. In all tanks. Everyone gets along good. When I move the male jack with his female the Africans are going to the 220. I'm just not sure how big to let him get so I can put him in. I've heard of people spawning fish half each other's size. I just don't want to put the jack in until he's able to spawn. Cause idk at what age he reproduce