Need Help...fin Rot Is Getting Worse Even With Medicine...and Has Trouble Eating...

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Hi!names gabi...I'm somewhat new here, my baby Spot I've had for about 4-5 months now and suddenly has been having a bad case of fin rot. Which is partially my fault, since I wasn't able to clean the tank in 3 weeks. BUT I was able to clean it 100%water change. Cleaned the equipment and accessories, and cleaned the gravel. Now I'm using a medicine called melafix. Hes on his third day using it and it seems hes getting worse... he doesn't seem to want to eat, I give him pellets but on weekends and such I give him dried worms. He has a heater and the water temp stays between 75-80°. If anyone can help me thatd be great. I went to Petco too and even they didnt know what to do....I would post a picture but he seems to be hiding more often and doesn't come out.. as well he seems to have a bit of trouble swimming due to ththe filters current...I need as much advice I possibly can. I don't want him to die . Please and thank you if you do respond.
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100% water change..that may the problem..if your fish start to fin rot before you're doing wc,clearly you need treat doing fully wc,I hope your tank is cycle before you add like new tank..prevent is better,now the problem is happen,and the fish already get the treatment,now we can only hope your fish getting better..just get the basic tank requirement if u have problem with fish..water,tank,fish and filter..and mostly water give you problem each time..
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Melafix is mainly for bacterial infection. Pimafix is for fungal. Fin rot could be either or. You can use them both at the same time.
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Would like to know more information about your tank, please fill this in: Fish Emergency Template

Try to get whatever pictures you can even if it's not good. We need some clue to his physical condition.
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