Need help, emperor tetra looks sick


Recently, this emperor tetra's mouth has gotten red, and its losing its color. It also has a few red streaks on its body and under it.

pH: 7.0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: 0
20 gallon tank
6 emperor tetras
1 dwarf gourami
4 neon tetras
It acts generally the same, but doesn't eat. It's also a bit bloated.
Did a water change yesterday, and added 8tbs salt. Anybody know what this is?

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Pwilly07 said:
Something is not right with your water parameters. A cycled tank will always have nitrates. Do you have api test kit to double check?
Yeah, my bad. Just checked it again, i mustve done something wrong before. It now reads 5.0ppm.


Red streaks could be a sign of hemorrhagic septicemia which is bad news from what I know. I am hoping someone else can help you more. I would definitely move to another tank and give it as clean of water as you can.

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