Need help diagnosing my Black ghost knife


HI I have a black ghost knife fish his name is Wilbur. Anyway I got him a few days ago along with my 2 angels, and I'm noticing he's not really eating unless I put the food at his face. He doesn't move much and appears to be very very weak, and sometimes just sits there not moving till you poke him or something to start him up again. I try and keep him hidden in his little bell decoration cave thing so none of the other fish bother him much, another thing Ive notices are these strange white blotches on his sides. I am treating the tank with jungle parasite treatment for internal parasites for one of my angels and a danio which appeared to have an internal worm. I'm not sure if these are just his symptoms of this or something else. (And yes ofcourse I half dosed my tank I have scaleless fish.) Can anyone help me diagnose wilbur?


HI Nail!

Can you post a picture of Wilbur please?
Also the water parameters (temperature, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH) and how often you change the water; general tank care info.

Ghost Knife Fish only eat frozen or alive food. What are you feeding him at the moment?

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A picture of the afflicted area would be extremely helpful in diagnosing.

Did you quarantine the new fish you added?
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the PH level appears to be in the 7.2-7.8 range I just tested, ammonia NH3/NH4 its 0. and well because ive been treating the fish ive been doing 25% water changes daily and vacuming. Ive also noticed my angels have gotten abit more aggressive within the past day or two. the temperature ive raised to 79-80f the tank is 50 gallons and I feed them frozen brineshrimp, when I first got him he was eating it right out of my hand so.. didn't seem to be a problem.

Unfortunately I have no real way of taking a picture of wilbur at the moment. And I did quarantine them for a little while in my 10 gallon, they seemed fine then too till they hit the larger tank.


Can /anyone/ help?

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