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I currently have a 20 gallon freshwater setup and would like to start a separate tank for saltwater. I do not have a lot of money to spend so I am looking at purchasing everything from the forums or aquabid. However, I need help deciding on the equipment to get. I have a Penguin Filter right now and a submersible heater (not sure of the wattage or type). I need recommendations for a filter for a saltwater tank and a decent heater. I know this depends on the size of the tank as well so this brings me to another question. The tank would be a starter tank of sorts that I will only have for another year before moving. Therefore I would like it to be 10 or 20 gallons. I heard it is much more difficult to maintain the correct parameters in a 10 gallon saltwater tank, but how much more difficult is it? I plan to only keep a few seahorses and a clown fish or two in the tank. When I move the freshwater setup will become the main saltwater tank if I get a 10 gallon the the 10 gallon will be used as a quarantine/breeding tank. Is this a good idea or should I go with the 20 gallon from the beginning?

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I'm not sure about filters but i have a fluval 404 (very large and sits out of the water). I've always had Fluvals - they're really good value for money, easy to maintain and run forever! very cheap to buy the media and sponges as well.

Heater - I dont know what brands to look for but I always go for one that has a precise temperature guage and make sure its easily read and easily adjustable from the top of the water.

I would err on the side of caution with seahorses. I think they require high quality water which would mean getting a protein skimmer - you're talking a lot of money as well as a sump tank underneath whcih means drilling holes for tubes and extra pumps for pushing the water back up etc. I've been told they need a minimum of 55 gallon but the dwarf species could probably be in less.

I think 2 clown fish in a 20 gallon is a bit too small - see link - says they need 30 gallons each. Maybe try a little goby ? I'm not too sure what else could go in something so small... sorry!
Definitely get some live rock - its a great filter and very pretty too : )

Good luck with your marine starter - do all the reading you possibly can before getting it - it's a very costly hobby! I personally would reccommend saving up a load of money and buying a ready set up tank with all the fish and sand etc - it works out A LOT cheaper and makes life a lot easier too!
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