Need help choosing centerpiece fish with neons/barbs! 30 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CristinaWare, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. CristinaWare New Member Member

    I'm looking for any ideas of what kind of fish to use as a centerpiece/show fish in my tank. I have 6 barbs (soon to be 7 when I find another male, I only have one), 8 neons, and an albino bristlenose pleco. Ideally the new fish would be one fish at/under 4 inches or two smaller fish, and like to stay at the top.

    I looked at Dwarf Gouramis but I have heard the barbs might nip their fins. Anyone else heard of this?

    I have a Tetra Whisper 30to60 filter, all my levels are great, and I don't mind weekly water changes. It's very well planted, but with plastic plants only. I have a large cave and driftwood as well.

    I don't want to add mollies (need salt and higher ph) or platies because I'm trying to keep the tank light, so anything that would need to school wouldn't work. The barbs and neons both tend to stay toward the middle or bottom around the plants, and play off and on through the day. I'm just looking for that something extra the tank needs. Any ideas are welcome!

  2. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    A Gourami probably would be targeted by the Barbs. I would suggest that your tank is already pretty well stocked. You will probably have a hard time finding something in your size range that can be a solo specimen & defend itself against the barbs.
  3. kcarmartinez Valued Member Member

    I thought cherry barbs where supposed to be pretty peaceful.... :;dk
    We have a dwarf gourami in my daughters tank right now. The cherry barbs are more concerned with pecking around for food and the one male is aggressive towards the females. I hadn't noticed them picking on the DG. He/she was not in the original stocking plan (shifted from another tank) so I didn't research and may not be a perminant resident of this tank... So I could be wrong.
    I have had Tiger Barbs... those were nasty little buggers!
  4. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    My Cherrys used to be pretty nippy towards the DG & the Serpae Tetras they shared with. Nippy but nowhere near as bad as Tiger Barbs. It's hard to tell sometimes. You could try a DG or similar sized Gourami but as you can tell from the posts by kcamartinez & myself, individual results may vary...
  5. kcarmartinez Valued Member Member

    And please remember that my fish have only been in the tank a week, and has a strange mix of fish while I do a little shifting... so no one is comfortable and sometimes behaviors change when a fish gets settled in... So please don't go by me alone. ;D
    But I had thought cherry barbs were supposed to be peaceful. So I guess it also could depend on the fish. Right now only my male cherry seems to be mean. You'd think with four lady friends he would be happy! Or maybe since they seem to have no interest in him he is upset. :p
    Do read up on Dwarf Gourami Disease. I know Honey Gourami's are not suseptible, and I think there are a couple other varieties that do not get big and also don't get it.