Need help Calibrating the controller with heater


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    Please Need Help Creating a Temperature Set Point and Calibrating can some one please explain it or give me an example on how it's done. I have the temperature set at 80 but tank water reads 81.9 degrees I use a digital meat thermometer for checking the temperature

    Getting Started
    The True Temp digital heater controller will work with virtually all existing heaters. Adjust the temperature setting on your heater to 3-5 Fahrenheit degrees higher than your desired set temperature. This will cause the heater to automatically turn on when the controller relays power to activate.

    Plug in heater into the three-prong receptacle of the True Temp digital controller.
    Place heater into desired location of aquarium.
    Plug in temperature probe (male) into receptacle.
    Mount temperature probe in aquarium, away from heating element (Use supplied suction cup).
    Plug in True Temp digital controller into an approved 110V-120V outlet.

    Creating a Temperature Set Point
    Press and Hold the UP button until the screen blinks. Once the screen blinks, depress the UP button and adjust to your desired temperature set point by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons accordingly.

    Calibrating the Temperature
    Calibrating the temperature is very important to ensure that the controller matches your aquarium's current temperature:

    Press and Hold both UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the screen blinks, depress the UP and DOWN buttons and adjust to the current water temperature of the water (You will need a thermometer as a reference).
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    Ok never used that but from the instructions my guess is it cuts the power when the temp is hit.. which is all the adjustment does on the heater itself. Just allows for more specific setting and makes it not be integrated thermometer. Im paranoid so i don't have one of those but run a digital and a sticker thermometer