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Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by clowy_5, May 19, 2018.

  1. clowy_5New MemberMember

    Hello now i am going to be completely honest, I have Never had experience with turtles , only freshwater fish whoch do absolutely great, but i adopted these guys because my relatives got them but had them living in Terrible conditions, water always super filthy, water level was always different, sometimes they couldnt even rest cause the slab is on bottom of tank and today when i saw them i just simply told them if i could take them, they Didnt even care they were lile Yes take them we dont have time, so i cleaned out this 10 gallon tank they had, washed all decor i plan to eventually get a filter and a turtle dock later this week, i did dechorinate the water, is there anything else i should know? And i know theyll grow so if they do well i will upgrade them to a bigger tank when i have the chance. I believe they are red eared slider turtles 20180519_191929.jpg20180519_191941.jpg
  2. Cheesearmada

    CheesearmadaValued MemberMember

    From previous knowledge, red eared sliders 'grow up to a foot' (females). A 10 gallon would not last them into adulthood. My LFS owner tells me they need a 120 gallon tank for fully grown females. Now this isn't the necessary amount of water you would need. For turtles it is preferably a larger living space (land + water)

    I hope this hastily written bit gives you enough information
  3. Floundering_Around

    Floundering_AroundWell Known MemberMember

    They need a dock so that their shell can dry out or it will rot. The dock (the blue thing) isn't high enough out of the water. The tank is also too small; turtles need ten gallons per inch of shell
  4. midna

    midnaWell Known MemberMember

    what the replies above said, basically. definitely get them something to climb up on and sunbathe on that's out of the water. they require a uv light for their shells and a bigger tank. kudos to you for rescuing them! also, they can outlive you. my mom's friend got a red ear slider when she was a kid and now she's 60 years old and still has the turtle in her backyard in a kiddie pool.
  5. OP

    clowy_5New MemberMember

    So the kiddie pool can be like a permanent home? As long as i keep up with the maintenance?
  6. wodesorel

    wodesorelWell Known MemberMember

    Agree with the above posters, they have to be able to fully emerge to dry off when needed, and that area should have a specialty UVB light over it so that they can process calcium in their bodies properly. It doesn't have to be big. Getting their diet right is also important or they may grow up deformed, as is basking temperatures so they can warm up to digest without getting too hot or cold.

    A kiddie pool would work, so long as the sides are higher than what the turtles can reach, or they will be out of there quick. Maintenance might also be tough on a low flat pool. These guys obviously will produce a lot of waste, but with a bare bottom and good filtration you may be able to avoid gravel vacuuming. Canister filters are heaven sent with aquatic reptiles!
  7. Cheesearmada

    CheesearmadaValued MemberMember

    Also with two turtles, you may have to rehome one if they don't get along when they reach adulthood. One thing to look out for in the future.

    Most importantly, have fun with your new turtles :D! They are fun animals to keep

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