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NEED HELP ASAP! Filters just turned off! :(

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by AmandaB, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. AmandaB Valued Member Member

    I have 2 Aqua Tech power filters on my 20 Long. The power just flicked off for about 3 seconds and then back on and now the filters are no longer running! I have 6 Tiger Barbs, a GBR and a Bolivian Ram in a 20 Long.

    What do I do? I tried to refill the filter with water but that didnt help, it isnt even trying to such up water through the little funnel that goes down into the tank, no noise, nothing! I unplugged and plugged them back in and that doesnt work either.

    the hood and heater are still working, its just the filters.

    How long will they last without a filter?

    Is there anyway to fix them?? Why did they just break like that?! Im SO mad right now. :mad:

  2. Eienna Fishlore VIP Member

    Sometimes that happens with me but if I take the intake tube off and then stick it back in it works again. Give it a lift like you were trying to take it out with the impeller, with the filter on, check to make sure the impeller isn't clogged or bound up with something, then put it back. If it still doesn't work, you can protect your bacteria by placing the media inside your tank while you figure out the problem. Sometimes all it needs is cleaned out.

  3. LyleB Well Known Member Member

    Also might try taking the intake tube off and just giving the impeller a spin while the filter is plugged in. Would be strange that both stopped at the same time. Is the motor humming at all?

    Guess it's possible that you had a power spike that fried both of the motors. Unusual, but more possible since they are both the same manufacturer, so probably have the same tolerance. As said above, keep the media wet in oxygenated water, moving if possible, until you can get the filters working/replaced.

  4. gourami88 Valued Member Member

    This is why I like the Aqueon power filters. The motor itself hangs in the tank above the intake tube so the filter compartment can be completely dry but it will still start up and run (a real self-priming filter). But with other filters i've used doing what Eienna suggested has always worked for me in the past. I don't think it is that uncommon with power filters when the power flickers or is off for a period of time. I also suggest have a battery operated airpump and a battery backup for the heater (can be spendy though) if you live in an area prone to power outages. I don't use my battery backup for the filter since it would drain it pretty quick (that is why i have a battery operated airpump to keep water moving) but it is great for my heater since it will last a little over 24 hours (plus I have 2 charged batter backup units) and keep the tank (and inhabitants) warm while we wait for the power to come back on.
  5. LyleB Well Known Member Member

    Ahhh, yes. Forgot about that little quirk with the Aqueons. Guess the impeller spin thing is a no go then, unless there is an accessible moving part on the Aqueon. Maybe an impeller down in the tank.

    Good luck, sounds like maybe a quick trip to PetSmart may be in order.
  6. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Definitely try what was suggested above on taking it apart and seeing if there is anything caught in the impeller.
    If by any chance you do need a new filter, I too suggest an Aqueon - I have two and never have had a problem with them restarting and refilling ( self priming )
    A great feature to have , especially if all your water drains out of the filter......
  7. Orion5 Well Known Member Member

    This would happen on my aquaclear filters sometimes if I didn't keep the impeller casing relatively clean for a time. I would just stick a pencil in very carefully and push the impeller, and it would start spinning again. I'm not sure how this particular filter is laid out but you can check and see. You would need to remove the intake pipe in order to see the impeller below. Good luck! (And clean the impeller off once you get a chance. :) )
  8. AmandaB Valued Member Member

    Ok so I took them off and cleaned them, now they are both running but only pumping a tiny stream of water out instead of the normal flow amount.
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    The fish will be fine for several days with the filter off. The bacteria will be fine for much longer, as long as it doesn't dry out. I wouldn't feed them though, during this time.

    Sounds like another cleaning is in order, since you made progress.
  10. AmandaB Valued Member Member

    After messing with them more I got one to start working again at full power the other is still only 1/3 the normal stream. So emergency aborted for now. WHEW!

    Thank you all so much Im So glad I joined this forum!

    I am however going to get an Aqueon filter after my next payday because I dont want to have to worry about this happening again and me being gone (thank goodness I was home today and not working when it happened!)

    Is this the one/kind that will refill itself and so I dont have to worry about power flicks? It looks the same set up as mine...
  11. JRC3 Well Known Member Member

  12. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

  13. AmandaB Valued Member Member

    Hey thats a cool idea thanks!

    You mean the one for 30-45 gallons?
  14. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes :)
  15. Terra Well Known Member Member

    Every single water change I have to raise and lower the intake tube a few times rapidly, or tap/bang on the side of the filter case for my AquaTech filters. They just do not even try to come back on when you plug 'em back in. I love love love my AquaClear filter, it restarts itself just fine.
  16. AmandaB Valued Member Member

    The flow rate has increased on both back to normal, I guess they just take awhile to get their "mojo" back?

    Do you do so with a rythm at least though? *tap tap slip slide tappy tap tap tap tap sliiippppp slide tap* :D

    The other one is for 20-30 though... any reason to get the bigger one or just "bigger is better"? (only a couple bucks difference in price so as long as it fits might as well if it wont be too strong or anything)
  17. Tigress Hill Well Known Member Member

    That's a thought:)
  18. skjl47 Valued Member Member

    Hello; That the two filters are back up to speed suggests the possibility that they need a thorough cleaning. Over the years I have found that the intake tubes and internal surfaces will eventually build up a slime layer and that junk sticke in it. You have two filters so one can be cleaned while the other runs and the second cleaned a couple of weeks later to avoid loss of biological filtration.
    I have found bits of gravel and on occcasion small snails in the filters.
  19. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I have an AquaClear 50 on my 20 long :) I prefer to have too much filtration over not enough.
  20. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I think thats a perfect filter for a 20g Kinezumi, exactly 10x turnover. :;th

    I just wanted to mention I periodically clean my impellars and housing with a filter brush (about once every 1-2 months) to avoid this problem. I think when too much gunk forms on it the magnet which is responsible for spinning it is unresponsive to the motor. I do this with both canisters and hobs and consider it part of regular maintenance.