Need Help Asap! Betta Has Ich And Is Being Treated, But Has Gotten Worse In Condition. Now What?

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stella1979 said:
I couldn't say which is better, as I have only treated ich in goldfish, a coldwater species. I did not think heat was a good option there and went with Malachite Green. M. Green is the active ingredient in API Super Ich Cure. Many report great success with the heat treatment, but it will be up to you to decide which you go with. Neither will work immediately as the ich is pretty invincible while it's on him, so either treatment will only be effective after it's fallen off.

Daily water changes are a very good idea with ich as well, so perhaps heat is your best option as it will be easier to manage temperature than it would be to manage med levels.
Alright, well, I already went and started lowering the temp, so I'll just stick with the API stuff for now. Also, when I went upstairs to check on him, he was swimming around and was basically saying "HA! I played a joke on you!". being super active and overall just a bugger. ****. Maybe he is okay after all. Maybe he just had a moment of lethargy. No idea. Still lowering the tank temp and doing a water change!
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