Need help, are my rosy barbs bonding?


Okay, I need some help from you fish gurus lol.

Lately I been noticing a strange swimming patterns with my rosy barbs. There are two in particular that have been getting my attention out of the four that I have.
The two rosy barbs which I speak of begin swimming very fast all over the tank then they slow down and begin to circle each other while rubbing bodies in a very bonding way. As they are rubbing there bodies together, their fins are expanded. The seem to go to the top of the tank and begging rubbing bodies from top of the tank to the bottom. (they kinda look like when two individuals are ice skating and both of them hold each other closely while doing circles in the same spot)
I have never bred fishes, so I am not sure if these rosy barbs are breeding or why are they displaying this pattern.

Can anyone help.

I have attached some pics.



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ummmm that could also be mating...I'm not expert with barbs but I know my corys do that when they are getting ready to breed....they are egg scatterers so if you want to keep babies you might want to keep an eye on the two of them. It would also be helpful if you could determine if they are infact opposite gender


I been trying to figure that out.

would you recommend for me to move them to a separate tank if possible.
From the third picture from the top, can you determine whether they are opposite gender?

I tried to check if one of them looks more bloated "like with eggs" and I can't determine. I would feel kinda bad if they are breeding and there eggs get eaten by the algae eater or any other fish.


I've been watching my Rosys do the same thing ever since I first got them. I can't pick the male from female but I do know that I havn't seen any eggs being released & none of them ever seem to be eating off the substrate so I don't think they have been laying eggs. I'm not at all sure why they are doing this. It could be breeding but if it is I've missed it & also missed the other Rosys eating the eggs. With such a playfull fish it's kind of hard to tell. That & I've got 8 of them in a species tank so it's a hive of activity & hard to keep track of what is going on at the best of times.


I feel you, I been trying to observe the tank for possible egg detection and I don't find anything. If the rosy barbs do wish to mate and lay eggs, I would like to catch it in time and put them on a breeding net or something. I have a feeling that if they lay eggs that the algae eater will eat them immediately. For some reason I thought that when a fish is ready to lay eggs, there bodies seem to be more bulky like bloated. But I don't see that in the rosy barbs.

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