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    Hi, so if you read my profile you will find out alot about me and the love of Bettas, however I had absolutly no idea on how breeding went. unfortunately i didnt have internet so i just decided that it was probably somewhat like guppie breeding. So i took a female and a male and placed them in a small tank without a heater filter ect. I was not sucessful, long story short my female and male became best friends and he didnt show any signs of bubble nesting and such. i left them for 3 weeks and all they did was swim together and what ever. I am attempting this again. this time my setup will cost 700 dollars so before i start this again and fail, i would like to get all the information possible.
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    I have done a ton of research!! Like read books and searched hundreds of sites. My dad tells me it's next to impossible to get them to spawn and all the pet stores say the same thing but my point is I don't want to breed mollies or guppies or any of those schooling fish. Bettas are a good money fish and highly bought . The go good in community tanks with other fish (only 1 male betta) and they also do excellent in almost any environment ! I think if I could successfully breed them then I would not only profit for college money but I would also be one of the few people to do so. I would also later on like to attempt breeding Oscar fish ! Maybe we could keep in touch? I won't be able to start the process til summer time as I'm also planning on getting 2 sugar gliders but I would love to help you as much as possible and hopefully see if your successful how you did it and possibly use your method!
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    Breeding bettas does not make money. You'll be lucky to break even. The setup required is expensive. You need to be able to house potentially hundreds of fish that want to kill each other.

    If you really want to try breeding, I highly recommend getting good, high quality stock from a breeder, not from a pet store. Also avoid veil tails!!! They are the least desirable of all bettas.
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    If you're attempting this for profit, realize that breeding/raising this species is exceptionally difficult, time consuming, and yes, expensive. In the end, you may make just enough money to break even with the cost of raising fry. Be certain that you are prepared to do anything to ensure they survive and thrive, including cullling (killing) the deformed offspring that may ensue.

    But yes, I'll certainly keep in touch and assist you to the best of my ability:)

    EDIT: The Nut beat me to the point. This isn't something you just decide you want to do without intensive prior research and consideration.

    Just so you know, the pair I am breeding are certified purebred of the same species. Not cheap;D
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    I agree with Tigress, culling is an important part of breeding any fish.

    Also, breeding Oscars requires massive amounts of tank space. If you want to breed something like a Cichlid, German Blue Rams would be a good option.
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    No offense, please don't take this personally, but another of your threads starts out like: "I was really busy and could only feed my betta twice last week."

    I am not judging you for that: I'm a busy person and I understand what that's like. But I'm also not committing to a betta breeding program.

    If your life sometimes -- even occasionally -- makes you too busy to feed one adult fish, which doesn't take very long, the intensive care that breeding bettas and raising their exceptionally fragile and hard-to-feed fry (hundreds of them, maybe) requires is not realistic. And it won't pay for college. You'd make more college money studying and earning scholarships than in raising fish, with less time invested.

    You're in school, right? You are going to be busier and busier the older you get, until college... when you learn what "busy" really means.

    Like I say: I'm not judging you. I just think you should take a hard look at how much free time you have, and how much you're willing to lose.

    I'm sorry. :(
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    I must say that I couldn't agree more with the above statement. Time is everything with breeding these fish:)
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    First off, I am not sure why you would need to plan on a $700 out lay to breed bettas. Have you looked to see if there is an aquarium society you can join in your area? If you want to learn how to breed fish, you might want to start with a fish club. That way you get to learn from other's mistakes.
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    I was planning on ordering them online and I think there's a profit after about 6-7 breedings because I talked to a guy and he said for plain makes he would pay 2 bucks and plain females 150 so that's just for regular bettas and he owns a pet store plus crown tails and half moons ! There's no other fish that really interest me but thanks for the tips !
  11. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    I said later on .. Meaning after I establish a good tank system oscars will be much further in the future like years from
    Now when I have more space and time
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    Yes that's true I was busy , I had gone on a vacation for 2 nights and the person who was supposed to look after him basically forgot about him.. But when i had tanks they were always kept up. Sometimes when having one small betta it's hard to see and remember that they are even there! However with a 9 tank system in your basement bedroom it's hard to forget about them and not "pay " for college but my parents will be opening a pet store so i mean breeding fish could contribute to some of my books or something . I am not a person who raises fish for money that's clearly why I'm breeding bettas. I will have plenty of space for make bettas in individual bowls and i realize I may be busy, my work. Is going to be at a petstore my parents own making it easy to take care of my fish while my I'm working! And if they don't open the store there's another pet shop that specializes in fish that the owner guaranteed me a job in. And to my male betta yes he was fed twice in a week however if I had a large setup I would be more commited. Thanks for your input and possibly trying to help .. But I guess if bettas don't work I could try another kind of fish, my setup would work for almost any small fish .
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    You don't need a $700 setup to breed Betta Splendens. I've successfully done it on practically nothing. However, as others have said, you'll have to cull, and you'll be lucky to break even. There's no money in it.

    Every Betta will have to be put in their own container. Some people set up drip systems into cups and have rows and rows of fry that way.

    You also will have to find a male who's interested in mating. Some just aren't. He'll have to be happy, at the right temperature and building a bubble nest. The female will need to be removed soon after a successful mating. The male stays with the eggs until they hatch.
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    It's because the system contains of 9 tanks 6 for babies and 3 for breeding (not just bettas) I'm planning on having plattys as well. But that is far more simple and not that I am aware of however my dad has raised fish since age 10 so he knows alot and can help me
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    If I had a large tank setup it would be alot easier to remember to care for them and I have never had a dirty tank or ever forgotten to feed him until last week I had gone on a two night vacation and the person responsible for him didn't fufil her job. Technically it was out of my hands but I have also trained my fish to jump 7 inches for food out of my hands and to swim through hoops.this was for a science fair and took 3-4 months of daily patience and using my own method . Bettas have always been my main priority and yes i admit like everyone I get overwhelmed . I bet there been alot of times you have forgotten things. And not just you ; everyone we are humans ..
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    That isn't enough room for bettas. Every male will need its own container.
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    I am getting 9 tanks dedicated to breeding and raising betta fry and patties . I need alot of room as well. As you can see 700 means I must be dedicated. That's alot of money .!
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    They will the 6 babie tanks are for my females and my platties (4 for bettas 2 for platties)
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    What size tanks are these? If you were to get a VERY long tank like a 33 (even better, several) and divide it many ways, you may not have to get each male a small container. Depends on how many fry you end up with:)
  20. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    There is the potential of having to deal with hundreds of fry.