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Do you still have the Nerites? If so then the white spots are Nerite eggs. Don't worry they won't hatch in freshwater.

Woah really?? I never knew that would happen! lol.... I thought they were barnacles


Freshwater barnacles?


Ready to sell?


Wow they look great! Have the parents spawned again yet? What about the jewels?

How old are the fry exactly? Take one of the mid sized ones to the LFS that you want to sell to and ask. Just say you have them around that size and how much you'd get for them. If you don't have anymore fry from the parents yet then I'd leave them so you can make more by selling them larger.


Good luck selling them. I can't even give away con fry. I usually use them as feeders


They were born around august 1st, maybe a week earlier or later.

the jewels did not spawn the cons keep thinking about it but they never spawn. the male is really dark but some days more so then others.


So around a month old. As I said take one and see what happens. Ask if he'll give you a better price if you bring them in when they are bigger. Or sell half now and half when they're bigger.


just got back from my LFS and took them about 17 fish and they gave me $20 store credit. I still have about 30 left.


Interesting. Do you think they gave you a good deal?


Yea I think so. From what I have heard there are plenty of people out there, like Amanda, who can't even give them away.

Do you think I got a good deal?


Yes I think so. But I think if you grew them up larger to sell you'd probably get more. It's usually best to supply the pet shops in small amounts from my experience.

Btw your female Convict is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful blue and red on her. LOL can you see her reddish belly now?


Yup, no question who is the female now ;D the male is really nice looking too so the kids are very pretty also. the ones in the small tank not so much but the ones in the top tank have dark stripes and light baby blue accents.

I asked over the phone if they offered more for a bigger fish and they said no so I thought why not.

Yes I have heard stories about people flooding the market with fish/plants and making them less valuable, I hope that does not happen here.

By the way he sells cichlids for $13 (get them down the road at petco for 5 or petsmart for 3) each so he is definitely making some money off of these guys.

OH an I just remembered. I saw a really cool little african cichlid they had. it was small and dark green ish and brown and it had a turtle shell look to it. just curious if you knew what it might be ;D

Hey Rogue, have not updated this thread in a long time so stopping by to let you know what is going on.

I still have those babies in the big tank. They are getting BIG one of them is almost the same size as the mom and has stunning orange and grey colorations. She is top dog in the tank after her parents and the jewels. There are others inclusing a male anout her size in the tank. Then there are one or two that are just over the size of a grain of rice that stay in one small place all the time, hiding.

I called the pet shop I sold my fish too back in october and asked if they wanted any more and they said that they had not sold a single one of my fish. lol probably their $14 pricepoint

I am looking to get rid of these things and use the 10 gallon for better things.

The algae is pretty bad in the tank right now and I think I know why. I was looking in the tank a few days ago and the pleco was sitting on a rock out in the open. I quickly glanced over at him before he swam away but it looked like his eye was gone :..( poor guy. I think he is hiding from the fish and is not able to clean the glass that is in the open.

I was in illinois for xmas and I found a great little fish stop there that sold some amazing fish. I saw some nerite snails in there and was excited to see that they were the striped kind that my LFS almost never has. I told the guy working there that I had a 16 hour car ride back to virginia the next day and asked how I should keep them alive. He looked at me as if it was a hopeless situation and said they have about 3 hours in the bag. He suggested I get a bubbler and a bucket for the ride. Ha! How am I supposed to pull that off? So I just bought them and hoped for the best. I put them in a tupperware bin and shook it every so often to get air in the water. I did a fe water changes and ran the faucet over them to give them a lot of air. I took them in the car for the trip and they went on vacation. I got them home and put them in the 20 gallon hoping to see that they move by the next day. They had! Now I have two more awesome nerites that are striped! I am going to put one or both in the 42 gallon to let them help out with the algae situation.

Well there's my update!


Mabey later down the breeding line you should add a pink convict.You can create mar eled cons by crossing striped with pink.

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