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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by booboo7336, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. booboo7336New MemberMember

    Hi folks, need your take on how I am progressing on my cycle. I am on day 21 and have a 29 gallon bow tank and have been cycling with 6 tetra's and 2 cory's for 10 days, they are all doing great. My readings are:

    Nitrates   10<----steadily going up from 5....3-4 days ago

    Nitrites     .5  <---seem to be going up in last 3-4 days

    Ammonia  1<------been 1 for 8 days straight

    Am I on track and should I do a water change or do I seem ok? I have filter cartridge in since I started if that matters.

    Appreciate anyones help.


  2. JasonWell Known MemberMember

    Looks like your doing ok hopefully your ammonia will decline as it turns into nitrite then it nitrate. You might want to do a water change.
    Dont wash the filter cartridge and dont replace it. If the filter seems too clogged or impeded ou can wash it in used tank water after a water change
  3. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    It looks great. If the ammonia level gets any higher, you probably need to do a water change and keep it at or below 1. Corys don't do well in uncycled tanks, so to be safe, that would probably be as high as I would let the ammonia go. It's definately a good idea to have your filter media (cartridge) in your filter. That is where the good bacteria is growing the most. J-Man's advice is right on. Don't change that filter cartridge! Just swish it with old tank water if it starts to clog. Your cycle will probably start over if you replace that cartridge. Keep up the good work! ;)
  4. booboo7336New MemberMember

    Thanks Gunnie and J-man, I just did my 2 day test and reading are really changing now:

    Nitartes    20
    Nitrietes     1<-------steadily been going up
    Ammonia    1<-------still

    Is it right for nitrates and nitrites to go up like that and with the a water changes helps the ammonia? Should I do a water change now and if so, how much? Still have original filter cartridge in and am on day 23.

    Thanks guys, your a real help.
  5. mos90New MemberMember

    im in a similar boat in my new 20gal.

    nitrite=1 .. .5 after water change.
    ammonia=1-2 ..1 after water change.

    ive been doing a 25% water change every day without disturbing the filter or gravel. and adding a.c.t. at every water change. also declorinating with stress zime. even with a water change i cant get the ammonia to go much lower than 1. then is rises back to 2. hopefully it cycles soon i cant take much more of this.
  6. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    What fish are in your tank? Any ammonia over 1 is really stressful for your fish, may need to up the water change amount.
    What is a.c.t.? Not familiar with that.
  7. mos90New MemberMember

    i have in my tank.
    1 albino barb
    2 gouramis
    1 upsidedown catfish
    1 striped catfish
    1 red tail shark
    1 placostomas (really big) 7"

    act is aquatic culture treatment. it adds bactiria to help speed cycle. or so i was told. it is made by mardel.

    i will do another 25%water change tonight and up my water changes to 40% staring tomarrow.
  8. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    You have alot of big waste producers in your tank, that may be why your amonnia is spiking so high. I have never used A.C.T. the only instant cycling product I know of is Bio-Spira.
    Upping your water changes is an excellent idea. Even after it's cycled you are going to have to do huge water changes each week. You have a couple of fish that are going to out grow your tank in a very short time.
  9. mos90New MemberMember

    i found a local bio-spira dealer. im going to pick some up and try it. should speed things up greatly.
  10. booboo7336New MemberMember

    I just did a 25% water change, will that help or hurt my cycle?
  11. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Neither ;) it won't make it go faster but won't slow it down either(but your fish will love you for it :D)
  12. mos90New MemberMember

    maybe ill just go out and buy the 100 gallon i was looking at the other day. ::)