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Discussion in 'Clown Loach' started by clownfish1123, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    A loach i have jumped out of our little tank while we were cleaning the bigger tank. It looked dead so no one touched it till i noticed it was still breathing, and we quickly but genetly put it back into the main tank.

    It is alive now, thankfully, but it has a light red what looks like a bruise around its tail area, i was wondering if i should do something about it. It was outof the water maybe for 30 mins or an hour, and now doesnt move during the day much, although it does swim and looks fine when it is swimming. It jumped a fair distance, maybe 30 cm, if nto abit more.

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  2. ElodeaWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore! I'd suggest you put it in a separate quarantine tank just to make sure it doesn't get pushed around by its tankmates. Also, make sure that it's eating properly. Maybe a bit of garlic juice in its food?

    It'll help a lot if you fill out your aquarium info. And may I ask, what kind of loach is it?

  3. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    I dont know which loach it is, but it has slight white markings, i know these can be caused by stress, as of this afternoon. getting it out of the tank is the last thing i want to do, because it gets very stressed while moving. the other fish are little tetra's so they will do no harm to the loach.

  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore !
    Unless your doing a big make over on the tank it's not necessary to remove the fish to clean it.
    Good clean water will help your loach recover faster. as was suggested soaking food in garlic juice will boost your fishes immune system and help it get well.
    What size is your tank? How long has it been set up? Do you know about the nitrogen cycle ? Filling out your aquarium information would be most helpful.
    Loaches like to have the company of their own kind as they are social fish. By themselves they tend to hide and be skittish.
    If you could post a picture of your loach maybe we could ID it for you.

  5. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    Thansk Carol.

    I will do the info soon just busy in sorting out some of this stuff. I have read about the nitrogen cycle, most water born cases do not effect us in Lodnon! Ive never before had a problem with the water, and am having it tested next week anyway. we ahd other laoches but they died last year, there was two of them. weve had them around 4 maybe 5 years, this one being the olderst. the tank is 96cm in length and 40 in height, and has been in use for many manny years, maybe coming up to 10 now, but we clenaed it all out and changed most of the water last week, we try to do thsi full clean out at least onec a year.

    I will trya nd get a pic up somtime soon too

    is there any quick way to get pics up here, my internet is very slow~

    :animal0068:I've merged your posts since they were back to back with no response between. You can use the EDIT key at the bottom of every post for corrections and additional thoughts.
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  6. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  7. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Hope your loach is feeling better today.
    Sometimes when we clean too much a large part of the beneficial bacteria is destroyed.
    When we put fish in a tank their waste turns into ammonia and with sufficient beneficial bacteria growing in the tank that ammonia will be converted into less harmful(but still harmful) Nitrites and they are converted to Nitrates which aren't harmful unless extremely high. This is why I asked for water test results :) They depend on the conditions in your tank not necessarily your tap water.
    How often and how much partial water changes do you do? Substrate vacuums?
    Just some thoughts :)
  8. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    Hmm other fishes are fine though, this one jumped out of the tank which i feel is directly related to its symptoms. we usually only put a third new water in when we clean out the whole tank, once a year we clean the whole tank, and once every two or three months we scrubs sides with no water change. this time when emptying the water for a yearly full clean it mixed with some soap, so baring maybe 2 literes worth we had to put in fresh water, and left that for two days, having aded all the neccesaryc hemcials when using fresh water. The water test is due in 2 weeks, our local fish shop does it then.

    Im not veyr knowledgble on the different chemcial levels, weve had a tankf or almost 9 yuears and water chemical levles being abnormal has never come up thus we have never looked into it.
  9. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    Bad news, he has gorwn almost a layer of white puffy skin i think its ICH and i have no idea wheather to treat him or not, is it dangerous for other fishes?

    I looks more liek a layer then spots as ich would actually any ideas?
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  10. LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    If you treat a loach with ich meds, you can only go 1/2 dose and even then tread carefully. Loaches are scaleless fish and cannot handle the same meds other fish do.

    I don't believe the ich would cause puffy skin. Can you post a photo?

    Any chance it's fungus and not ich?

    He obviously went through a very stressful event. Perhaps he was more damaged by it then you initially thought.

    Edited to add: Never use soap on the interior of a fish tank. And personally, I don't think it's a good idea to completely empty a tank to clean it. It's too hard for the fish to adapt to all new water and causes them great stress. Rather, you should do weekly water changes, no more than 50%. And scrub your algae at least every 2 weeks. :;2cents
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  11. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    I think he does have more damage, tail is still fairily red less black then it was before, i cant post pics atm dont have a camera! i dunno what to do though as its a risk to other fish too
  12. LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    How often do you have your water tested? We test ours prior to every water change, which is once a week. We use an API Master Kit, which is highly recommended.
  13. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    We dont weve never ever had water problems in past 10 years, we are in UK, problems occur very rarely here with water. I need some other sugestion what to do to treat it if it is a fungus, and if its risky for the other fish because i dont have another tnak to put it in!
  14. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    When we ask about your water test readings we are not indicating you may be having problems with your water from the tap.
    It doesn't matter where you live fish excrete waste and that waste turns into ammonia, ammonia turns into nitrites and nitrites turn into less harmful Nitrates but if only your tank has enough beneficial bacteria. This bacteria is fed with the ammonia from your fishes waste. By doing weekly partial water changes you can keep these toxic chemicals from building up. They are toxic to your fish. By doing yearly tear downs and cleaning of the tank all the beneficial bacteria is being destroyed and the tank has to start building beneficial bacteria (cycling) all over again.
    Without a picture it's hard to say whats wrong with your fish but it sounds like fungus. Loaches are very sensitive to meds but at this stage I would say something has to be done. If you can get it Maracyn & maracynII at half strength will probably work.
  15. clownfish1123New MemberMember

    over, poor fish died in the mornin, thansk for help

  16. LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    I'm sorry for your loss. :'(
  17. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    So sorry for your loss :(
  18. headsyValued MemberMember

    sorry dude, i just read that your ment to do 1/2 dose for ich....oops, i ended up double dosing them lol. i got them fron the shop covered in ich and didnt notice bcause he was cleaning his tanks at the time so they were all murky.
  19. LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    I must've missed the part about why this was funny to you.

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