Need advice for my first aquarium (brand) Help

  1. AndyVE

    AndyVE Member Member

    Want to buy my first aquarium next week!
    Narowed it down to these to options:
    - Ciano Emotions 80
    - aquatlantis plus 78 led

    first one has a lid that opens entirely so easy access and has t5 lamps, the other one can be bought with led option (same price). Also have the impression the internal filter of the aquatlantis seems to be better (specs)? Prefer the lid system of the first but wonder if the other is not a better decision for all other options that are included.

    would like to use only the internal filters that are included...that is why i am asking this question.

    Ps aquatlantis elegance plus 78 led i am talking about
  2. delta5

    delta5 Well Known Member Member