Need A Tank Stand


    AQUA_LOVER Valued Member Member

    Hi all, I need a tank stand for a 36 gallon tank. What have people used to build theirs?
  2. Ulu

    Ulu Well Known Member Member

    You should look inside some of the cheap stands at the aquarium store. Mostly built of one by fours and fiberboard.

    But you might check around the fish stores because I picked up a stand for my bow front aquarium on sale at Petco. It was unassembled, in the box, for 75% off. $22 on clearance, but normally was $99.
  3. Ulu

    Ulu Well Known Member Member

    I needed a stand for this 20 gallon and so I knocked one together out of an old microwave cart and a $20 board from Lowes, plus a few odds and ends of lumber I had laying around.

    What made it easy is a pocket-screw jig from Kreg. You can get a kit with sample screws for about $35.

    It allows you to make it really tight joints with hidden screws (but you have to plan your assembly.) 20180430_195300_resized.jpg