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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by battlelurker, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. battlelurker

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    I set up a 50gallon tank 4 days ago, and just put the live rock in yesterday. I need a little help. First i need these identified. I think they are Aiptasia, but just want to make sure.

    Also There are a bunch of tiny bubbles on my glass. If i get them they will re-appear after a couple hours. Is this just the cycling of the tank?

    And lastly, the skimmer that came with the setup does not seem to be working properly. the foam only is about a quarter inch tall and is no where close to going up the neck in the cup. its been running for about 24 hours. Does it need time? the guy i bought the tank from said it worked great. it has a rio pump.


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  2. locoyo386

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    Yes, that's what they are.

    It could be just because of the initial settin up the tank, but it can also be that they are being introduced into the tank via the skimmer or sump if you have one. If you don't see small or mucro bubbles in the water than it might not be that bad and eventually might go away.

    Not sure about this one as I never had a skimmer in my tanks.
  3. zeddy

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    looks like your skimmer just needs an ajustment it looks like a diy one so im not sure how to ajust it but mine i slow down the outflow and it rases my bubbles
  4. zeeter

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    If you just put the live rock in yesterday you might not have much to skim yet. Mine stays at a level below the upper chamber unless it actually has something to skim.

    As for the aiptasia, you have two choices. First, you could use Joe's Juice to get rid of it. Or, you can let it go until after the tank cycles. Get a couple of peppermint shrimp and they will usually eat the aiptasia. There's two kinds of pepps and one of them doesn't eat it. Can't remember which one off the top of my head.
  5. harpua2002

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    A lemon juice or boiling water injection will nuke them as well.

    I've had awesome luck with my peps eating aiptasia, but some people don't. They are hit and miss.
  6. zeddy

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    i use the boiling water tecknique works well
  7. new_sw_gurl

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    I got rid of a big aptasia with lemon juice yes...that'll work. I then bought Joe's Juice after reading all about how injecting them causes new ones to grow all over the tank. I'm proud to say that my new peppermint shrimp must be doing his job because I haven't seen any new aiptasia for longer than three days and my Joe's juice remains unopened after a month. I don't run a skimmer so I'm no help there. My tank is pretty new...and I don't remember seeing the bubbles on the glass. Not that I think it's something to worry about...just what I remember.