near sighted oscar?


I currently have two five inch oscars, one regular tiger and one albino. The regular one eats like crazy but the albino is having trouble. It tries very hard and sometimes comes half way out of the water attacking its food only to to hit it with the top of its head. It also appears to not really see food sometimes it will know that it is there but take a little searching to find it only it miss it causing it to move and forcing it to spend time finding it again. I have had this fish for a few months now so it must be getting some food but it is thinner then the other and I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or could sugest any feeding methods that would work. the eyes look healthy and I think I can keep it alive with small bits of frozen shrimp if need be but was wondering if this is a common problem that maybe it will out grow.

Old Sloppy

An eyesight problem for sure.Very Unlikely to grow out of it.


If I am not mistaken the albino strains in all living creatures can have issues with sight.....

Old Sloppy

Oscars have sharp eyesight.
I am saddened to hear of your's having problems.
I would expect it to not outgrow this condition.
I had one once that was ****.
Normal Oscars are very bright, you can tell the difference.

Harry S.

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