natures ocean's live sand VS. caribsea's live sand


I am happy to post the very first misc review in this thread.

I use natures ocean live sand and it is very good. Its also good for sand burrowing creatures.

PROS: Has all the benficial bacteria so it will cycle fast.
          The bacteria is preserved with natural seawater.
          Comes direct from the ocean floor which they clean up before they sell

CONS: CLogs up the filter if it is on
          Clouds up the water for a day but then it goes clear
         Smells very bad if the bag is not thrown out A.S.A.P.

Any reviews for the caribsea live sand can post in this one


So since it comes from the ocean, is it not recommended for freshwater fish? do they make a freshwater version?
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Not reccomended for Freshwater fish because they use saltwater to keep the bacteria alive in the sand. Here is there product page. If you check out DR fosters and smith, Petsolutions or petsmart you might find something.

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