Nature's Ocean - natural tan sand Question

  1. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    I guess it's also AquaTerra. Just wondering if this is more like pool filter sand, play sand, or something in between? I have used PFS and like how it's easy to clean but if you leave a dead spot for awhile it gets dark and dirty. I have heard play sand just makes a mess. Kinda looking for something in between. I also like the tanner/natural/darker (but not too dark) look.
  2. I love my puffer

    I love my puffer Valued Member Member

    Natures ocean is about I between yes:)
  3. lala29

    lala29 Well Known Member Member

    I used play sand in my tank and yes its messy for the first few days but after a good clean and stir every now and then it clears well! I never have any issues using it :) its in all 3 of my tanks and i feel it looks very natural :) its really easy to keep clean as well :)

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