Natural PH Reducers?

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    So, I hope this thread goes here… If it doesn’t I apologize. I know there are many ways to change the PH of an aquarium. In my main tank I have a pair of rams. They are breeding but enjoy the eggs as snacks and such. I’m not sure if PH is the cause (the PH is 7.5 but rams enjoy 6.5ish) and I would like to know what kind of rocks I can place in the tank. (or any other object) I have 2 drift wood pieces witch helps. I prefer to avoid chemicals because nature does not use tetrafin :p. I have tried to find ways... but alot are chemicals and I havent had much luck.. ill keep looking.
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    chemicals to alter ph are more harmful than raise it you can use crushed coral lower it you can use driftwood as you have, with tannis in it, or peat moss in your filter....
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    Tannis.. alright next time im at the fish store ill look for some more drift wood
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    whats the ph of your tap water?
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    7.5, just checked the PH in 30gal.. its 7ph with the 2 pices of drift wood
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    Another method I use, would be to add Distilled Water or RO Water to your tank. You would only need to calculate how much is needed per gallon, to change your Ph to the desired level, then adjust it at every water change. This might be less expensive than buying driftwood too often, the tannins slowly leach out.
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    Thanks to all of ya :). That link helped alot its a Favorite now:;eye,:;eye
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    Keep in mind that co2 will lower your PH as well. I use diy co2 on a few of my tanks that don't have plants simply to lower the PH to the levels required. Because there are no plants there are no fluctuations in the PH from day to night. It just requires a little playing with the recipe & diffusers etc to get the PH level to exactly where you want it. Bogwood actually does very little to lower the PH of the water in a tank unless there is a big pile of it in there. I know that will draw critisism from many but if you run the tests yourself you will dicover it is true. The 0.5 drop in PH you are getting isn't from your wood, it is from the natural lowering of the PH after the water has exited the pipes to your tap. If you get a cup of water & test the PH as soon as it comes out of the tap & then test it again 24hrs later, you will find the PH has lowered by about that 0.5 mark. Now, let the critics begin...:)
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    :;shwhy are you looking for critics?what you have stated is true ...not sure if you are up for a beef or not :anim_35: but i doubt anyones going to argue or give it to ya :no2::;laughing
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    Do it Yourself CO2?
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    Ok, the App is done.. all i need to get is the yeast and some shugga :p:rolleyes: thanks again :D
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    Shawnie - I was waiting for the critics because I often see wood being reccomended as a way of naturally lowering the PH in tanks on this site & many others. When I have pointed out that it does incredibly little for the PH on other sites I have been absolutley blasted so was half expecting the same to happen again. I have enough arguments between family & the team so I wasn't looking for one here, just waiting for others to tell me how wrong I was. I guess I should know by now that most are fairly well educated on here about this kind of thing by now.:)
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    Ahh Haaa!! You are correct! Absolutely, especially the driftwood info...I've used it for years, fresh and old!! Has little effect on your water parameters but isn't worth the argument once people's minds are made up.....cause using it doesn't hurt anything either!!
  16. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    sowwy you wont get one here ;D LOL and i hear ya about arguments it daily with 5 daughters...:;toast and driftwood only works to lower ph if there is tannis in it...its the tannis that does the lowering not so much the wood..and you can get that easily enough from using almond leaves...but some dont like the tea colored tanks..I do tho
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