Native tank setup

  1. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    I have been thinking and I want to put some minnows from my creek into my pond when it's ready, but I'm also interested in setting up a native tank.

    I went down to the creek and caught 4 fish this evening and set them up in a 20 long. My question is, what type of fish are these? I just know them as "minnows", but I know there are several hundred species of minnows.

    So is there anyone here that's good at identifying wild fish?

    Here are 2 that were smaller, at only 1 inch


    Here are the 2 bigger ones. They are about 3 inches long.


    Sorry for the bad pictures. They are really fast!
  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Well, the "minnows" I'm used to catching grow up to be tilapia, so, I couldn't help you there LOL They're really cute, though!

    What's the name of the river/creek/whatever that you caught them in, and where is it?
  3. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Haha. After researching a little more, they look like Blunt Nose Minnows.

    The creek is called Hallowing Run and it's in central PA. It leads into the susquehanna river. I've been looking at the state website that has all the fish species, but they are all drawings of fish, not real pictures...
  4. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    The last fish might be some kind of trout im not sure.
  5. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

  6. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    That looks just like the small ones, but I'm not sure about the larger ones. They don't have a really dark strip going down their body.
  7. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    The one in the link is supposed to be a female, so I would guess that thats why the colors are duller. I'll see what else I can find, though :)
  8. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

  9. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Akari!

    and thanks ZeeZ! That website is very helpful!
  10. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    I dont get a thanks lol :D
  11. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Thanks, Mr "I-think-the-last-one-might-be-a-trout" :p
  12. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    As soon as I saw who posted, I was like "shoot!" lol. Thank you! :)

    Edit: Apparently the censoring system blocks out the word that means poop and starts with a C. haha.
  13. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    Thats me :D
    hehe I love the people on fishlore :;hug2
  14. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Take a trip to Florida! I caught some wild Flagfish there. There were some other wild FW fish that had great looking color, but they were too hard to catch!
  15. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    AKARI!!!!! Can you catch me some flagfish? :;a1

    It took me about an hour to catch these 4 minnows.... And there were HUNDREDS of them around me. lol.

    I'm going to pet world tomorrow to get a dog bed for the puppy and I'm gonna look at their pond nets. That might make it a little easier to catch them with, rather than using a little 5 inch aquarium net.
  16. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

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    Well, obviously if you just said it, it wasn't the word :p And I've never heard it referred to as that before. haha
  18. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Thats Spanish for "poop" (well... Sorta :D) LOL
  19. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    Hmm. I guess I should pay more attention in Spanish class. lol
  20. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member


    I wish I could! I can catch you Least Killies, Pygmy Killies and Mosquito fish (and possibly Sailfin Mollies, but they're quick!), but no Flagfish :(

    Haha, I caught my Killies with a 4 inch aquarium net, while sitting in a canoe! XD