National Geographic 48in LED! Great light!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by The Cichlidae Guy, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. The Cichlidae Guy

    The Cichlidae GuyValued MemberMember

    Picked up a 48in national geographic LED light today. Beyond happy with the build quality and colors! Not to mention it was only $75! This pics do not do it justice, its much whiter light. The fish colors popped a lot though! Newlightfull.jpgNEW LIGHT.jpgNew Light1.jpg
  2. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Does look fairly bright! How many LEDs does it have? Also does it have night effects/blue lights? Glad you are happy with your purchase!!
  3. HappyKnitter

    HappyKnitterValued MemberMember

    I also picked one up today for my goldfish tank . Very happy with it.

  4. Rivieraneo

    RivieraneoModeratorModerator Member

    Thank you for reviewing and providing your opinion! I've personally have not bought any Nat Geo items, but have heard only good about them, so i might have to give them a try, plus a 48 inch LED bar for $75, that's a good deal. By chance, do you have any PAR data ?>

  5. HappyKnitter

    HappyKnitterValued MemberMember

    Here are the pics of my tank with the NatGeo light.

    Here are the pics of my tank with the NatGeo light. but I cant find the PAR data


  6. dakotaValued MemberMember

    I like the looks of that fixture. I am going to Petsmart and get the 48 inch. Hope it is bright enough for my 72 gallon bow front tropical tank. The price is sure right.
  7. HappyKnitter

    HappyKnitterValued MemberMember

    I think they had a larger one . I think it was priced at $129.99
  8. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Nice looking light again, does it work well with your live plants?
  9. dakotaValued MemberMember

    I went to Petsmart and got the Nat geo 48 inch led. I am sorry to say It lasted 3 days and several leds went out and several stopped working. I returned it back to them. They had another return one the same one with the same problem. I guess you can get bad in any product and an glad some are happy with them. I liked the price it was good. I turned around and ordered a Current Satillite Plus from Kens Fish good service and fast shipping. It has very good reviews with the different lighting affects and it resonable priced at $119.99. Thanks

    Clean Water = Happy Healthy Fish
  10. OP
    The Cichlidae Guy

    The Cichlidae GuyValued MemberMember

    Sorry everyone, been gone for a while. I no longer have the box or info on PAR data but I will say the light is still working fine, every bulb. I definitely love it, and the night blue lights are not over powering like some. I would definitely buy another one. Not sure how it works with live plants. My live plants are running under a t8 color max bulb right now, I was going to get a plant bulb but the color spectrum was about the same and it was 5 dollars cheaper.
  11. dakotaValued MemberMember

    Very nice looking tanks good job. Thanks

    Clean Water = Happy Healthy Fish

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