National Differences On Fish Keeping

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  1. Narsa

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    I was just thinking about how often Americans talk about buying a little common pleco and ending up with a big poo machine. Here in Finland commons are pretty rare and usually have to be ordered separately. BNs are much more common, to the extent of being troublesome thanks to their profilic breeding habits.

    I've also wondered why Finland has a relatively informed and almost too nitpicky scene compared to many other countries. For example, on one Finnish aquarium group, if you write about your goldfish, you'll get bashed right away if they aren't in at least 250 gallons and in groups of at least 6 fish.
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    I'm in England.

    Around me bettas are relatively uncommon. There are 5 LFS that I go to, of these only 2 sel bettas and very few at a time. Usually one or two will be in a tank of mixed fish. I got a betta last week that was in a tank of amano shrimp, silver tip tetras and dwarf gouramis.

    All the people who don't really care about their fish and don't research them get a goldfish in a bowl rather than a betta which I believe is quite common in America.

    Another thing is we don't have feeder fish (I think it is illegal to feed animals other than invertebrates to pets)

    There is very little variety in shops too. I haven't seen even seen bolivian rams, RCS, bloodfins, umbrella cichlid, peacock gobies or BN plecos for sale. Though fish like common goldfish, bala sharks, clown loaches, pacus, Oscars, BP cichlids, common plecos and other fish completely unsuitable for the community tank are readily available.

    One thing that I'm envious of is how cheap tanks in America seem. Things like the dollar per gallon sale I wish we had in Britain. It cost £80 for a 7 gallon tank last week at my LFS and it only came with the lighting.

    Nowhere near me sells anything to do with saltwater.

    Anyone is welcome to correct me if I have said anything incorrect about fishkeeping in America.

    I think fish keeping varies all over the world.
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    You're actually quite right about America. One thing with goldfish that used to happen more and still happens sometimes, at some carnivals (usually the smaller ones hosted by schools or churches) you can win a gold fish in a little bowl.

    Also fish availability and laws vary state to state quite a bit.
    I'm my state it's illegal to own crayfish.
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    I live in Australia.

    I don't find it hard to find any fish. I have plenty of pet stores around my area which don't sell certain fish however there are also a few fish dedicated stores that have a much larger variety of fish.

    In my experience, a lot of people here don't have the correct information or don't care that they're not keeping their fish in the proper conditions and it is usually something along the lines of a goldfish being kept in a 5 gallon tank with no filter. Things are slowly getting better though I think, but chain pet stores are useless here too when it comes to getting correct information. Thank god there aren't any goldfish carnival prizes though otherwise it would be so much worse.

    I am also very jealous of the dollar per gallon sale in America. I have bought my tanks off of local ad websites & ebay for good deals though. My 50 gallon/190 litre tank was $100 with a stand & hood and it was second hand. My 7.5 gallon/28 litre tank was $64 dollars which was on sale and came with a light, pump, built in sump and filter media. I would say prices in Australia are much more similar to the UK than to the USA.
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    Im in canada, fish keeping gets expensive fast xD

    In guessing its alot like the US but no petsmart or petco. Aaaand no 1$/gallon sale

    The one chain petstore around me has some pretty exotic/rare fish (saw a baby silver arowana more then once) they also get in females dwarf gourami.

    At another petstore, this one is locally owned. We go there often.. One time i asked the price of a wild betta. The guy went 'hush hush'/ lowered his voice (that was abit weird) sold it to me for 5$ (The guy is the owner of the store. I think. Or atleast boss of the fish section)

    I think the fish was worth more..
  6. Demeter

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    I'm in the U.S.

    I haven't gotten a chance to take advantage of the dollar per gallon sales, but I do see them advertised every now and then. I like to buy spare tanks from yard sales as they are super cheap but usually need some cleaning up. I bought a 29gal for 15$, but it didn't come with any equipment. On the other hand I bought a half moon 10gal tank that came with everything for 80$, and I don't even use it anymore (probably because I've had 3 fish jump out of it through tiny openings in the cover)

    I hardly ever see the hoods with a florescent tube set up, we've apparently switched to all cheap LED lights that are **** for growing plants. Why is decent lighting for planted tanks so expensive?

    Local RCS (really any shrimp that isn't a ghost) are insanely expensive IMO. Like 7$ for a shrimp that may or may not get eaten/die a day after adding it doesn't seem practical. Why are cherry shrimp so much more expensive than ghost shrimp if they are easier to breed?

    We have tons of feeder fish, mostly common gold fish and white clouds, which are kept in terrible conditions, most of them half dead. These are the fish that parents often buy along with a bowl for their kids....

    As for variety of fish, we have a lot of everything just not the monster fish that require 300gal+ tanks. Unfortunately most of the fish are of low quality, like poorly breed cichlids of all kinds, less than desirable fancy goldfish and koi, deformed tetras/barbs etc. Bettas are everywhere, in nearly every store that sells fish. Most of them are low quality fish that are around 6$ but there are some in the better stores that sell for 15-20$
  7. MaddieTaylah

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    I did forget to mention that in most states of Australia, koi are illegal so I haven't even seen them.
  8. Mike the fish keeper

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    Im in the US and the cherry shrimp near me are 4.99 each or 5 for $20
  9. MaddieTaylah

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    They are around $3 in Australia which is about $2 US conversion. Fish aren't particularly cheap here though.
  10. OP

    NarsaValued MemberMember

    RCS are often sold in online aquarium groups here. That way they cost about 1 €/ shrimp. In stores they cost 5 €/ shrimp.
  11. GlamCrab

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    Oh! Forgot something. Where i live you cant have ponds in your backyard anymore (they are drowning hazards for kids) <.< if you had a pond. Thats fine. But you cant make a new one.. I think you'd need to fence it or something
  12. MaddieTaylah

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    It's funny that where I live you can't have a very big pool without having a fence and yet there are absolutely no regulations for ponds. I don't know what the difference is though because a kid can drown just as easily in either. It must be because they have 2 man made lakes in the area and the Council are a joke.
  13. GlamCrab

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    Thats interresting, i dont recall the law that was passed that well.. It was a few years back and i just dint care back then .. But its interresting to see the 'priorities' of different councils
  14. MaddieTaylah

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    Well I live in Australia, so it would obviously differ from Canada.