nasty cracks in oranda's wen

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    Hi, my mom got a new oranda (Maybe) in May and has acclimated really well to life in her outside 400gal pond. however Maybe has now developed some nasty looking cracks in her wen. it seems to be getting worse; any ideas of what this could this be? we also have three other orandas that I worry about this being contagious. I'll try to figure out how to attach a photo
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    right under the right eye. apparently she's gotten a lot worse. I'm sorry for the terrible quality. my mom just dropped her iPhone into the pond so no new pics for a while. she has checked the water (all tests came back good), medicated the water and I'll find out what else at this point, none of the other fish have any issues

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    Agh!!! Poor baby! :(

    Can your mom separate the Oranda from the rest of the stock in the Pond to more closely observe her? I hope an expert on this sort of thing can chime in because I've never seen this before!
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    Maybe has been separated from the others

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    Okay, here are some details about the situation:
    - My mom has a 270 gallon reflecting pool in her back yard (with a fountain two filters, one of which is attached to a UV light) where she has kept orandas for years. Currently she has four orandas. She bought Maybe on 06May2015 from Petsmart and introduced her into the pool without any issues. Recently, the pool had been treated when one of the other fish Fatso had white spots (ich?); he has been healthy for a few weeks now (about two).

    - About 10 days ago there were two black spots on Maybe's face, one of which developed into a large crack under her right eye about 7 days ago, about 3mm long. The situation got much, much worse this morning (all black and white spots and raw under her right eye (looks like it is being eaten away and very raw).
    - Maybe was lethargic this morning, but she is swimming around acting normal now, not rubbing her head on the sides or bottom of the tank.

    - 80% of the water was changed Sunday. My mom had the old and the new water tested (pH, ammonia, nitrates, salinity, everything). The pool was then medicated--after the water was changed--with Melafix (before water change and after). She turned off the UV light when she began medicating the water.

    - All other fish appear to be okay. There are no spots on other fish and they are acting normal.

    - Maybe was separated this morning when my mom saw her condition, with the same pool water into a about 5 gallon fish tank equipped with aerator (mom added a little more Melafix and some stress coat). Unfortunately that is the biggest container we have in the house.

    - Food is sinking food

    Is this hole in the head, a parasite, a bacterial infection??? How can we fix this? Since the container is too small for an oranda, is there anything else we can do? Any suggestions are welcome!

    Attached are photos that were taken today Maybe_1.jpgMaybe_2.jpgMaybe_3.jpgMaybe_4.jpgMaybe_5.jpg


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