Nasal Florets

  1. TheeLadyG

    TheeLadyG Valued Member Member

    So, when I got one of my fish (a bubble eye, dragon eye, telescope eye, whatever), he was in a tank labeled "Pompon Orandas" (lol) but he does have a small nasal floret. The employee told me he had a second one but it "fell off." My questions are: Does that happen, and do they grow back? I realize I may just have a funny lookin' fish and that's the end of it, ha Screenshot_20180529-175336.jpg
  2. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    I suppose it could fall off if he was injured. Usually goldfish grow back scales, fins, and whatever else may fall off, but not always. I’m really not sure about a pompom. You’ll just have to watch and see!