Nanotank scape ideas with build guides?


Hello! I have 2 nanotanks that I'd like to scape using plants I already have (they outgrew tank #2 so I bought another). I have a lot of low tech, medium light plants for the most part and am looking for a site that has both images and build instructions of some kind. Does that even exist?

My past attempts ended up looking more jungle-like than anything. I think I like the nature and Dutch styles best.

All of the plants are green, but varied in height and texture, at least. They include: anubias, bacopa monnieri, hygrophila (compact?), java fern, vals, pennywort, pearlweed, a lot of java moss, susswassertang, and dwarf lettuce.


Have you tried to google Dutch styles? I don't know any specific websites but I have found a lot of ideas just browsing images on Google. Youtube has some good stuff on aquascaping too. Videos showing you exactly how they did it.

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