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I'm looking to turn my 5 gallon tank into a nano saltwater tank. I don't know a lot about saltwater tanks even I used to have one. It was a large tank. I hear it's a lot harder to take care of a nano tank. I was wondering what's needed as far as stuff goes. I have a Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 Fully Integrated Aquarium Kit. Would this ok to start with? Also what kind of stuff could I put in there (fish, crab, snails, coral). Any help you could give would be great. Thanks


I have a 5.5 going now but it's a normal rectangle tank. Since you have a hex it is going to be extremely hard to fit a powerhead in it and then puting LR, that's going to be extremely hard. You probably won't be able to get any fish either and water levels change really fast. If your up to spending lots of money then go ahead. I've spend couple hundred dollars already on my tank and I still need livestock and corals not to mention getting a skimmer later on.

I don't know what you have with your integrated kit but you will need
power head
5 gallon bucket+heater+small powerhead (to make salt water)
Live Rock

It's hard to say what you will need depending what you have already.

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