Nano - Small space for a skimmer? Question

Discussion in 'Nano Saltwater Tanks' started by Reefdweller, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I have the JBJ 28 Gallon Nano System and as some of you know there is limited space in the back of these things for the tools you need. I purchased the Eshopps Nano Skimmer and just got it by UPS yesterday. I thought for sure that this skimmer would fit in one of the chambers of the nano but in order for it to work right I am going to have to modify one of the stock panels (cutting it) I do not so much have a problem with doing this but I just want to make sure its my only option. I would hate to modify this and the skimmer not skim like it should or perform like it should. What are Nano 28 owners doing to have a skimmer on thier system? I do not see much talk about it so I am not sure what people are doing. Any suggestions? Comments? I do not have a sump on this system so I have to utilize the compartments some way. I could have swore this skimmer I ordered was a HOB but it is not. Anyone have any feedback on this?
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    Well... I was very concerned about this skimmer once I tried to install it. I just didnt see a way even though it is a nano skimmer. However, I modified the chamber just slightly and made it work. I am really impressed with this skimmer. I have emptied the cup twice today dumping the funky colored funky smelling liquid down the drain. I had heard so many times when it comes to skimmers that you have to adjust them a lot to get them working and skimming correctly. Also, that it would take a couple days or longer to see results from a new skimmer. I didnt expect to see any results today from it but was I wrong. It is for sure doing its job so I am pleased.
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    The biggest adjustment is finding the right balance of wet/dry skimming.

    Sounds like you've got it spot on. I'd probably try dial it down so it only fills the cup once a day. Too, once the skimmer catches up, skim-mate production should subside and level out.

    Eshopps do make good stuff from all reports :D

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