Nano refugium lighting ideas?


I'm in the planning phase for a 30 gallon reef tank and was considering an aquaclear 110 (or the biggest aquaclear I can find at a good price) diy refugium. What is the best red spectrum grow light for a refugium of this size (preferably a Canadian seller or can ship to Canada) for growing chaeto and breeding copepods?


I search craigslist for a used reduction. I’ve seen them for $50 in the states pretty regularly. It will give you a lot more room.
Also the tidal 110 filters will give you good room as well.

As for the light really any full spectrum or red spectrum light should be fine. You’ll have a hard time finding a small one for a DIY HOB filter fuge. I’d suggest checking amazon for a clip on one of you go the route of your original plans.

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