Nano-Reef Snow Onyx Clown Behaviour

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    Hi guys!
    So I adopted two Snow Clowns, I work in a pet store and knew the two had been together since at least the beginning of April (when I started). They already started doing the shimmy dance at each other in the store, so I figured they were starting to sort out who will be the Female.

    Well I only added them to my tank 3 days ago! They are doing great! They let my cleaner Shrimp clean them, but not my Shark Nose Goby.

    I noticed that one of my clowns likes to hover around my goby.
    13518234_1089774631069310_1036829803_o.jpg see exhibit A, now they dont pick at him, his fins are fine hes not breathing heavy and is always in the front of my tank. He just kind of sits and waits. I figured if they were picking on him he would be hiding... Its funny bc the little clown sits over him like he is a chick...

    Now I was thinking, maybe they decided who was the Female, bc one is pecking at the large rock all the way towards the bottom right area, and sometimes they will pick my substrate...
    Is this pre-spawning behaviour?
    13570050_1089774434402663_1837434023_o.jpg here you can see the area they have been pecking, now if they were trying to shoo him away, wouldnt they attack my Banggai too for being in their space? Maybe my sharknose doesnt reallize he can clean? lol

    My stock: Tank:20 gal Long with GFO &Carbon Mix in Reactor
    2x Snow Clowns Parameters are all good.
    1x Sharknose Goby
    1x Banggai
    1x skunk Cleaner
    1x emerald crab
    Bunch of Baby trochus snails ranging in sizes (i didnt know my adults had babies o.o)
    1x Bristle Star hitch hiker!

    Any ideas?

    Oh and Tanks been up since beginning of December!
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    Oh i havent cleaned the back wall bc i let algae grow there for the baby snails, i think they are thriving from letting it develop there bc they are grazing in it!