Nano Cube Light Not Working.

  1. Fancygoldfish123 Initiate Member

    I have a jbj 12 gallon nano cube, thought I was getting a sweet deal on Craigslist for picking it up for cheap. But the blue light won't work. I was really hoping to keep corals. Any idea on how to replace it? Is the light supposed to be this dim? Also I don't have the led version.

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  2. ClownFizz Initiate Member

    Try and ask your major local fish store (not petco etc). see if they have any replacement light bulbs. I think they have dimmed because the hood covers on these tanks end up building salt creep, poor light performance and moisture in the light housing. This requires frequent cleaning of the light and its cover to avoid this. With hoods, you will have fluctuations/increases in water temperature (not good for corals) as you will need proper oxygen exchange and ways to allow the water to cool. Open top hoods are great in my opinion. But hey, you got to make do of what you got.
  3. Fancygoldfish123 Initiate Member

    It's not the bulb itself. It's the blue light that comes out of the two holes on the hood. In the third picture. To my understanding the bulbs are just for the daylights which work. I'm just confused as to why the blue light is dim?
  4. ClownFizz Initiate Member

    Yeh im suprised to see it so dim too. Maybe needs a replacement