Name suggestions please!!! (Whomevers names I pic gets a free prize(s)!!)


Ill post pics in a bit but she is a red half moon with a firey velvet look to her body. Under a year old, very friendly as are all of my girls, but a tiny bit sassy.

Other is a marbled blue and black over cellophane HMPK. She is very friendly but yet gentle and a bit shy.

Give me some suggestions!! I will pic a name for each fish. (2 suggestions) whoever's suggestion I pic gets sent a free 6x6 inch painting with their favorite fish, and their username on it.


Fiero for the red.

Elsa for the blue/black


Red-> Shakira
Blue-> Luna


Red: Paprika, Jewel, Rosie, Phoenix

Blue: Safira, Celeste, Neblina, Sky


Blue/black- Astra
Red- Scarlet


Red - Spice or Moondance
Blue - Sapphire or Neytiri (blue Avatar and Chief's daughter, in the movie, Avatar)


Red-> Shakira
Blue-> Luna
The blue ones mom is actually named luna!! I love that name! You can pic a diferent suggestion on blue of ya want.


Red - Rory (gives me a firey red theme, like her maybe?)
Blue - Nova (similar to Luna)

Would love to see some pictures, they sound so gorgeous :)


Red: Tomato (JK) Amber, Anakin, Attila


BigManAquatics loving Fiero. Perfect for one of my mystery snails, but my favorite was Scarlet. You took the time to reply, so ill send ya a little something.

The_fishy love the red ones name suggestion, ill be using it on another fish. Ill send ya a little something, that's for the reply.

TClare saphira is the blue ones new name. Ill be sending you a painting.

ValkyrieLips , couldn't resist Scarlet for the red one. You'll be getting a painting, info bellow.

Marlene327 , the blue betta is named but I love sapphire for one of the beautiful mystery snails I bought from you. Sending you a painting!

grac3 OMGosh I have a betta named nova 2!!! Great minds think alike I guess. Ill be sending you a prize!

FishPlanet , love the suggestions, very unique. Ill be sending them in the future. You'll be getting a prize as well.

Ya'll tagged please Pm me your mailing address, name, pic of your favorite fish, and what you want the painting to say.
Please close this thread, we have are winners!!
Please close this thread, we have are winners!!

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